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The Weekly Wrap – 19th of December 2016

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, a collection of all the articles that graced Player 2 during the past week. Catch up the easy way.

The Weekly Wrap – 19th of December 2016

The final Weekly Wrap of the year has arrived. We only have a few more days until Player 2 signs of for the year and escapes to a deserted island with a generator, 2 consoles and a massive pile of shame. But before that happens make sure you check out what happened last week. Matt review Don Bradman Cricket 17 and Steep, The 2016 Player 2 draft results came in and we had a look at some of the biggest surprises of the year. All this along with some great trailers, new video content and news.

So grab a coffee/tea/coke/water/ancient restorative elixir and catch up on what you missed in the Weekly Wrap.3

Six Surprises of 2016
Patched 10 - Updates
Don Bradman Cricket 17
Steep - Review
For Honor Closed Beta
Capcom Cup 2016
2016 P2 Video Game Draft Results



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