New Details for Horizon

New Details for Horizon

Playstation Australia has unveiled a behind the scenes look at Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most anticipated Playstation 4 titles for 2017. In a three-part video series, Guerilla Games, the studio behind the RPG, gets in front of a camera to give viewers some never before shared information.

The first video features some of the studio’s directors discussing the challenges overcome in the making of, whilst the second and third focus more on the game itself. In particular, the second focuses on the story elements (being of particular import to a game such as this) whilst the third takes viewers through various different aesthetics the team worked with for the leading lady.

You can catch all three videos below and stay tuned to Player 2 as our very own Jenn will getting hands on with the hotly anticipated title early next week. She will be bringing you her thoughts soon after that.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to the PS4 on the 1st of March.


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