Go for Pro – BAM Gets Premier Treatment

Go for Pro 

BAM gets the Premier treatment

Battle Arena Melbourne has been a long running Event for all things fighting games for over eight years now and has been a staple of the FGC eSports community before eSports was barely a thing.

Last year, BAM (as well as OHN) were officially inducted into the CPT (Capcom Pro Tour) schedule and competitors could play off to earn their victory points to get a placement into the Capcom Cup! Both BAM and OHN (OzHadou Nationals) ran very successful events in 2016, so much so that news has just dropped that BAM 9 will officially be a Global Premier Event!

Go for Pro - BAM Gets Premier Treatment

In case you don’t know what this means, it essentially means that the winner of this event will automatically win a placement at the 2017 Capcom Cup, which has a current prize pool of $600,000 US!

You can safely bet that this will attract many high profile players from all over the globe to secure that placement, giving many Aussie players the chance to compete against the best in the world.

Additionally, it has also been announced that OHN 2017 (Sydney) will once again be a CPT certified tournament which alone will also attract its fair share of Street Fighter pros.

For more information on the Capcom Pro Tour for 2017 and all other events in their schedule, check them out here:


Go for Pro - BAM Gets Premier Treatment

And for those interested in BAM or OHN, you can check their official websites here:

BAM – May 12th – 14thhttp://couchwarriors.org/wp/bam9/

OHN – Sept 15th – 17thhttp://ohn.ozhadou.net/

I’ll be there reporting on the day and will hopefully bump shoulders with some of the best! Let’s go!

Adam Rorke

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