MCV Pacific’s Women In Gaming 2017 List Revealed

MCV Pacific’s Women In Gaming 2017 List Revealed

The 2017 Top 30 Women in Games, as judged by MCV Pacific have now been announced. After changes to the system that mean the focus of the list is upon the contribution of each person in the last 12 months versus their lifetime contribution the names of each nominated person have now finally been revealed. Each listed person is there because they have been adjudged to have been a game changer for at least one reason. The list of those nominated is shown below:

  • Kim Allom , Associate Producer , Defiant Development
  • Claire Barilla , Co-Founder, Itsfine Games
  • Danielle Brand, Digital & Trade Channel Marketing Manager , Electronic Arts
  • Wren Brier , Senior Artist , Well Placed Cactus
  • Emilia Chignola , Producer , Two Lives Left
  • Alice Clarke , Freelance Journalist ,
  • Jane Cocks , Co-Founder , Check Point
  • Alayna Cole , Founder , Queerly Represent Me
  • Susannah Emery , Academic & Teacher , Curtin University 
  • Dr Jennifer Hazel , Co-Founder , Check Point
  • Rae Johnston , Journalist , Allure Media
  • Lisy Kane , Co-Founder , Girl Geek Academy and Producer, League of Geeks
  • Amelia King , Senior Policy Officer – Digital Games , Creative Victoria
  • Lin Jie Kong , Producer/Director , ABC TV
  • Ella Macintyre , Product Manager , Mighty Kingdom
  • Laura Manning , Brand Manager , Total Interactive
  • Ally McLean , Project Lead , Robot House
  • Lucy Morris , Vice Chair , International Games Development Association Board
  • Fiona Murray , Finance Manager , Surprise Attack
  • Maru Nihoniho , Managing Director and Game Designer , Metia Interactive
  • Vee Pendergrast , Director , Stirfire Studios
  • Kate Raynes-Goldie , Founder & Creative Director , Games We Play
  • Clara Reeves , President , Hipster Whale
  • Michelle Sandford , Technology Evangelist , Microsoft
  • Jennifer Scheurle , Spaceship Designer , Flat Earth Games
  • Emma Siu , Community Engagement Manager , Electronic Arts
  • Megan Summers , Studio Director , Screwtape Studios
  • Annie Tyson , Operations Manager , The Arcade
  • Cheryl Vance , Director , Prideful Sloth
  • Jess Watson , Community Manager , Let’s Make Games

There were also a number of honourable mentions, and those people were:

Stephanie Bendixsen, Mez Breeze, Niamh Fitzgerald, Kelsey Gamble, Tegan Jones, Sally Kellaway, Gemma Kirwan, Brooke Maggs, Debra McGrath, Carolyn Mee, Lucy O’Brien, Kalonica Quigley, Laura Voss, Colleen Yuen.

Player2 extends its largest congratulations to all of those fantastic women who were Nominated, Honourably Mentioned, or the Top 30 featured on the list. We as well as the entire industry thank you for all that you’ve done to this stage, and will undoubtedly continue to do in the future. The finalists in this year’s MCV Pacific Women In Games Awards will be announced after Easter.

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