The Weekly Wrap – 17th of April 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, a collection of all the articles that graced Player 2 during the past week. Catch up the easy way.

The Weekly Wrap – 17th of April 2017

Happy Easter everyone. Yes we know we are a day late but we were all too busy spending time with friends and family (as well as consuming the odd chocolate egg). We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if Easter isn’t your thing, you still managed to get some relaxing time doing something you love.

Because of Easter this week has been a little quieter than usual here on Player 2, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing worth checking out. We had Stephen’s excellent look at collecting too many games, A heap of news including a bunch of release dates from Nintendo, Matt’s latest Player 2 Plays which saw him take on the action world of Bayonetta and Paul was back with the boys for more Patched.

So make sure you catch up will all of last week’s great content and while you are doing that subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest game trailers as well as our own brand of original content. Of course, it goes without saying, but stay tuned for another great week on Player 2

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