Wholesome Games Show

Wholesome Games Show

Wholesome Games presents 75(!) indie games in less than an hour focusing on games with that feel-good vibe. They come hard and fast, but there are plenty of games to be excited about here.


Bird Problems

A sitcom narrative comedy game. Oh, and everyone is birds.

Release is TBA.



Explore a strange town guided by light, helping residents out. Use light to progress the story.

Coming soon.



2D chill on an island game. Play as a cat who fishes and farms. A farming cat-venture.




Pokemon snap but free exploration and minigames. Quite cute.

Out now


A Little To The Left

A puzzle game about organizing things. For those with a little organizational OCD.

21st October 2021


Ooblets 0.8 Port Forward Update

Play arcade minigames along a boardwalk.

Available now


Spirit Swap

Lofi beats to match-3 too.



Behind The Frame

Narrative driven puzzle game about painting in your apartment. Life, the finest scenery.

Coming Soon.



Tony Hawk’s but chill.

Out “soon”.


Here comes Niko!

Platform around and explore a 3D world with 2D characters.

Coming soon.



Steam page

A cosy tea making simulator in a town full of cats.

Due out 2022.



Deliver mail in a chill small town. Spend two weeks delivering mail, meeting people and maybe changing lives.

September 1st 2021


Yokai Inn

Slice of life sim with farming, fishing and building. Gorgeous Pixelart.

No release date as yet.


Mythic Ocean

Explore the ocean and meet Gods in first person.

Coming soon to consoles.


Kokopa’s Atlas

Grand adventure on an uncharted planet. Explore, farm, puzzle with a perspective similar to that of Dragon Quest Builders.

No release date set.


Button City

Minigames in the arcade, wander around town and help out folk, relaxing story.

Out within the next few months.



A game about writing letters to weave a personal story. Use the power of words in this nostalgic adventure.

Out Q4 2021.


Hot Pot For One

A cooking game about being alone in a foreign country for Christmas. 

Out now.


Garden Story

Be a guardian grape helping the community fend of The Rot.

Out some time this year.


Tracks of Thought

RPG shaped by your own personality. Card-based battles.

Coming Soon.


Beasts of Maravilla Island

Photography game about exploring a magical island. 

Out Now.



Very pretty 2D puzzle platformer.

Out 21st August 2021.


We Are OFK

Story game/kind of a visual novel/music-focused game. Has quite the “millennials lost in the city and life” vibe.

Release date coming soon.



Indie the part of The Sims where you build the house with an incredible amount of versatility.

Release still TBA.



Play the part of a kiwi sorting mail.

Releasing 31st August 2021.


A Walk With Yiayia

Steam page:

A game about helping your Grandma get back on her feet after a nasty fall. Quite gorgeous B&W pixel art.

Release TBD.



Revisit childhood memories in this gorgeous watercolour adventure.

Out later this year.


The Gecko Gods

Play as a gecko in this 3D physics-based puzzle adventure game.

No release date set.


Tasomachi Behind The Twilight

Explore a pretty town while repairing your airship. 

Out on consoles in 2021.


Please Be Happy

Explore fantasy Wellington in this visual novel.

Coming 2021.


Witchy Life Story

Steam page:

Witch life narrative sim where you tend your garden, craft spells and potions and maybe make some friends along the way.

Out in 2022.


Battle Cakes

Become a cupcake hero in this cosy magical turn-based RPG

Coming Soon(ish).


Bear and Breakfast

Rebuild a run-down B&B out in the middle of the forest. Also, you are a bear.

Coming 2021.


Passpartout 2 The Lost Artist

Make art, maybe get rich(?) and find your missing father.

No release date set just yet.



An adventure game set on an airship.

No release date announced.


Rainbow Billy The Curse of the Leviathan

Journey across islands returning colour to the world and its inhabitants. 

Out later this year.



Unpack boxes and place objects about the place to learn the story and history of the characters as they move multiple times in their lives.

No release date set just yet.


Soup Pot 

Cooking game with a focus on creativity.

Out Q3 2021.


Cloud Jumper

Fly your magical sky boat across various islands, exploring and crafting.

“Coming soon”.



Steam page: 

Narrative exploration game with non-linear progression. Find ingredients for your tea party.

Out Q3 2021.


Moonglow Bay

Help a fishing town get back on its feet while helping friends along the way in this fishing based RPG.

Should be out sometime this year.



Take photos of good dogs.

The release date so far is woof bark bark.


Luna’s Fishing Garden

Catch fish, trade them in and build your garden.

21st October 2021.


Witchery Academy

Become a magical apprentice and train up your skills in all forms of magic.

Coming soon.


Amber Isle

Wander around the island, run your own shop and expand the village.

The release date to be announced soon.



Puzzle game with an incredible wood aesthetic.

Out 2022.



A crafting 2D adventure set in a land of gothic fables.

Coming Q4 2021.


Moonshell Island

2D Zelda like RPG about building a community.

Release date TBD.



A heartfelt adventure where you play as a small frog.

Due 2022.


Lego Builders Journey

Physical puzzle lego based game.

Coming June 22nd 2021.



First person game set on a dock where you play crane games to fish.

Available now.


Powerwash Simulator

Clean all the things! For fans of games like House Flipper.

Out now in early access.


Book of Travels

A wandering adventure game set in a world of mystery and legend.

Out 9th August 2021.


Toodee and Topdee

2D/3D unique puzzle platformer

Release TBA.


The Garden Path

A slice of life gardening Sim. 

Due out in 2021.



A narrative cooking game.

Release still TBD.


The Outbound Ghost

An adventure game about a ghost trying to work out why they died.

Coming soon to Kickstarter.


The Magnificent Trufflepigs

A metal detecting story game in the vein on Firewatch.

Out now.


Fossil Corner

Collect fossils and solve puzzles.

Out now.


Dreamland Confectionery

Wander a dreamlike world and solve environmental puzzles.

Not out until 2023.


Freshly Frosted

Conveyor belt focused puzzle game set in a donut factory.

Out in 2021.



A 2D top-down laid back beekeeping sim game.

Due in 2022.


Cat Designer Mocha

A design puzzle game.

Out in English in 2021.




First-person farming game.

Due out this year.



Photography game with an edutainment bent based around learning Japanese vocabulary.

Due sometime in the near future.



Build cool physics based robots.

Coming soon.


Kotodama Diary

A wholesome mobile game with minigames and “spot the difference” sections.

Available now on mobile.



A first-person game about a kid buying groceries on their own for the first time.

Out now on itch.io.


Cat Cafe Manager

Build your own cat cafe while creating a home for a bunch of stray cats.

Coming Soon.


Game Director Story


Build your own game dev studio, managing employees while building your own games.

Due out later this year.


Princess Farmer

Match 3 farming and adventure.

Out before the end of 2021.



Card-based RPG with a more wholesome story.

Hopefully out in 2021.




Nurture friendships and control the flow of time just by walking around.

Should be out within the next few months.


Fire Tonight 

A narrative puzzle game based in a city on fire.

The planned release is August 12th 2021.


Floppy Knights

Grid-based CCG RPG.

Out in 2021.



Clean the bottom of the ocean, earn upgrades and make friends with Loddles.

Now on Kickstarter.

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