Farming Simulator Goes Full Scale

Farming Simulator Goes Full Scale

In the latest entry of “amazing things people will do to play games in weird ways,” we have something so out there it is hard to even fathom.  Rudeism, A content creator known far and wide for his crazy video game controllers has outdone himself this time. He has converted a real-life, 10-tonne tractor into a video game controller designed to play Farming Simulator 22. The controller has been given the not-so-inventive name of the “tractroller” and the Tractor’s steering, pedals and buttons correspond to actions in-game. It was built on a working farm outside of Christchurch on New Zealand’s South island.  

As you can see from the pics above, this is 100% crazy and 100% the most amazing thing you are likely to see today. If you want to catch the controller in action you can head over to Rudeism’s Twitch stream tonight at 5PM AEDT to see it in action. If you can’t make it then, fear not, his previous videos can all be watched on the same channel. While you are there, you should totally check out some of his other crazy contraptions, It is well worth it. 

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