Dying Light 2 Goes Gold

Dying Light 2 Goes Gold

There is no doubt it has been a long development road for Techland and their Zombie-slaying RPG, Dying Light 2. It seems it was announced decades ago (it was really only 4 years) and there have been seemingly hundreds of hurdles thrown in their path as they tried to bring their vision to reality. Well, the team must be popping the bubbly today because the end of the road is in sight. That’s right, Dying Light 2 has gone gold. 

In a recent press release, Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala had this to say about the momentous occasion. “This is it. The final and crucial moment for us. The game is ready to be manufactured, but we will not slow down. The fact that the game is done and we hit the gold status two months before the release is a great sign but it doesn’t mean that our work ends here. There are still some upgrades and tweaks to add, and community feedback to implement, but the base is solid and ready to play. I’m extremely proud of the whole team!” 

So with a two month lead time until the game is released on Feb 7 2022 it seems the team will still be busy, but they will no doubt be happy to have this milestone under their belt. To celebrate there will be a brand new “Dying 2 Know” stream at 7 am AEDT on Friday the 3rd of December. This stream will show off 15 minutes of gameplay and will be streamed on the Techland Twitch Channel. Fans looking forward to the game (including myself) will not want to miss it. 

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