P2 Plays – RMIT Showcase 2021 – Reject Island

P2 Plays – RMIT Showcase 2021 – Reject Island

RMIT has put forward some of its most creative young game developer minds presenting their early stages works for all to see. Paul got down to ACMI to see them face to face and now shows you these early stages builds in a special P2 Plays Mini-series – the RMIT Showcase 2021. In this entry watch him play Reject Island.

“Promoted from coffee runs to data collection on creatures of myth, Tuesday’s workload is HUGE. Seriously. Meet and document the ensemble cast of weird and colourful mythological creatures that have fallen into obscurity and are ‘reassigned’ to Resettlement Island (more colloquially known as Reject Island). Over the course of your stay, discover the true purpose of your assignment and wrestle with a desire for promotion that could come at the cost of your bonds with the island’s inhabitants.”

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