Player 2 Vs The Game Awards – The Pre Show

The world is starting to heal off the back of the last few COVID decimated years. For gamers, that healing is now super clear as Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards has returned to an in-person event. It’s one of the biggest gaming days of the year, so join Player 2 editors Paul, and Matt, as they break down each and every announcement, while also looking at the Award Winners and all the other fascinating aspects of the show. Enjoy the fun!

Player 2 vs The Game Awards - The Pre Show


Paul: We’ve been seeing Tunic for far too long! I remember interviewing the lead developer about the game well before I even began at P2! It’s fantastic to see the game now has a release date, and I’m super eager to get my hands on it. I’m concerned about that release date though with another high profile title dropping into an already intensely busy

Matt: I think this is truly the era of the Zelda-like. Both in 3D and 2D. Tunic looks to be possibly the most promising of the lot. It has been a long time coming for Tunic so it is exciting to now have a date finally in sight.

King of Fighters XV

Paul: It’s well known that I’m no fighting game fan, and no, King Of Fighters won’t be changing that. I’m sure fans of fighters are happy, the launch is close, and the open beta isn’t far off, but for me, that means squat. Enjoy everyone!


Matt:  I haven’t played a KoF game since the early 00s so I am not sure what to expect here. I enjoyed them back in the day but will the formula hold up in the same way it did for Samurai Showdown? Here’s hoping.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Paul: A multiplayer game based upon the Texas Chainsaw Massacre IP does absolutely nothing for me, and seems to just be fuelled by other famous horror IP to have gone down a similar route. No thanks

Matt: Yet another game riding off Dead by Daylight’s coattails. A bit depressing really.

Homeworld 3

Paul: Homeworld has always intrigued me… and how could this third one not be on the radar? What with it appearing 2000 times during the Gearbox E3 Presentation. I’m keen to learn more, and it’s nice for the hardened fans that they have a ballpark window for the game to launch in

Matt: Homeworld 1&2 are great and I have been waiting for some solid news on 3 for ages. Glad to see it in action and I can’t wait to dive in.

The Expanse

Paul: This is the announcement that angered me the most from the entire event. Telltale Games, a company that was on their knees largely because they took on far too much simultaneously, and now, despite already having The Wolf Among Us 2 on the way, they’ve now gone and announced another title. Slow down and don’t replicate what played a big part in your failure last time… and give me Wolf dammit!

Matt: I have no history with The Expanse so this is just another Telltale game at this stage. Here’s hoping it does something different to mix up a formula that hasn’t felt fresh for a while.

Babylon's Fall

Paul: This game, already smarting from its E3 showing hasn’t improved in its social standing following this showing. The game still isn’t showing well. March 3rd may be good simply so this one can be put out of its misery.

Matt: Look I have faith in Platinum in general, even their bad games are usually still fun. But I am not sold on this. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Paul: My excitement for all things Monster Hunter continues. Rise is one of my game’s of the year, and I’m super keen for Sunbreak. While we didn’t see a tonne, it was great to get some small insights into what is coming. More Amiibo functionality too!

Matt: I have been holding off playing MH:R for the PC version so this one is a long way down the track for me. That said it is exciting to see MH so popular in the west now and it is a franchise that deserves the love.

Thirsty Suitors

Paul: There’s Sunset Overdrive, Jet Set Radio and a cultural flair that few games have. Eka and the team at Outerloop are surely onto something, but there’s still so much mystery and I want to learn more!

Matt: What in the hell is this? A fighting game/dating game/open-world skate title set in a Bollywood universe? Who knows how this will turn out? It sure will be interesting to watch though. 

Evil West

Paul: This one caught my interest immediately. From the tone to the fictional setting, and the gameplay systems, Evil West quickly made me a fan. When can I get my hands on it?

Matt: Oh yeah, Flying Wild Hog do amazing action titles (see the Shadow Warrior reboots for proof) and this is a setting that speaks to me. Can’t wait to dive into this crazy looking title.

Have a Nice Death

Paul: I thought Death Jr was coming back for a while there but Have A Nice Death looked even better! This is a 2D action title I can get around. The Early Access pathway interests me, but I’ll reserve my proper judgment until that time has arrived.

Matt: Hollow Knight meets Death with a sense of humour, what a cracking looking game. This looks like a must-play.

Planet of Lana

Paul: They had me at the composer of The Last Guardian, that’s right, they had me at the music, but as it turns out I liked what I saw of Planet Of Lana. Hard to know what it’s all about yet, nor how exactly we’ll be playing, but they’ve got my interest.

Matt: Too early to say for sure, but nothing grabbed me yet. I did get some 2D Re-Core vibes though.  One to watch, but not expect too much from.

Person 4 Arena UItimax

Paul: It seemed like the final game from the pre-show was going to be a big hitter, but then it fizzled with a remaster of a Persona 4 spin-off. It’s not what the fans have been clamouring for, and it’s not what the unconverted like myself are looking for either.

Matt: The second fighter from the pre-show and easily the weaker of the two. From the brief look, it hardly looks like it will compete with the Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats and Guilty Gears of the world.

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