Pokemon Day Livestream Reveals Lots of New Things to Get Excited About

Happy Pokemon Day! If you are a fan of Pokemon, you might already be up-to-date with all the latest news from this morning’s Pokemon Presents. But if you have not watched it, read on!

A brand new mainline Pokemon game will be released in late 2022 on the Nintendo Switch. As with previous iterations of the franchise, there will more than one version of the game; with two versions subtitled Violet and Scarlet. The reveal trailer shows what you might expect – colourful locales and cute Pokemons. The clip’s description on the Official Pokemon YouTube channel uses the words “open-world adventure” so it will be interesting to keep an eye on this game as more information is released.



Also announced on the stream:

Alolan Pokemon will be gradually added to Pokemon Go starting from 1 March 2022. These Pokemon are from the Alola region of the Pokemon universe. (which was added to Pokemon Sun and Moon, and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will also receive a new update (which should be live at the time of this post). Players will get a chance to investigate the causes of “mass outbreaks of Pokemon across the Hisui region”. There will also be new training ground battles. Better still is the free gift of 90 Pokeballs with you use the code “ARCEUSADVENTURE” in the Mystery Gifts menu before 31 March 2022.


Lastly, there will be an anime series based on the Hisui region featured in Arceus. The anime will release sometime in 2022 and accessible online (details to be confirmed).

You can catch the whole stream plus the trailers for Pokemon Violet/Scarlet and the Arceus Daybreak update at the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel here.

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