Shadow Warrior 3 Brings The Wang This March

Shadow Warrior 3 Brings The Wang This March

For those that have been hanging around Player 2 for a while, it will be no surprise that I am looking forward to Shadow Warrior 3.  The first of the new entries (as opposed to the original Build-era title) was an absolute blast and while the second made a few missteps there was still a ball-tearing time to be had. Now the 3rd entry is almost here I am once again getting my katana and collection of double entendre one-liners ready for action. 

As you can see from this appropriately ridiculous trailer, Shadow Warrior 3 is launching on March 1, just on one month away. Exciting news for fans of the franchise like myself and possibly the chance for new players to dive on in. Along with the release date, Devolver has released a sizzle reel for the voice talent involved in the game, which is great to see. Often voice actors get a little under recognised so it is nice to see the love here. 

In all, it is exciting to know that I will once again be playing with (Lo) Wang in a month. I can’t wait… and no, I am not apologising for the Wang joke, the game wouldn’t so why should I?

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