State of Hogwarts Legacy

State of Hogwarts Legacy

Following on from last week’s announcements, Sony have revealed another State of Play this coming Friday dedicated to upcoming title Hogwarts Legacy. Developed by Avalanche Software, who are best known for now defunct toys-to-life Disney Infinity franchise and their Tak PS2 series, Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person RPG based on the Warner Bros. licensed version of the Harry Potter franchise, originally written by She Who Must Not Be Named. It would appear that WB itself has highlighted the fact that the author of the series is in no way involved and no doubt this will be followed up during this State of Play to some degree.  At the risk of editorialising what is supposed to be a run-of-the-mill News piece, it’s this authors opinion that anybody with almost a billion dollars could probably avoid using their incredibly privileged platform to destroy not only the (ahem) Legacy of their record-breaking work but also the self-worth and rights of marginalised individuals – but that would require billionaires to not be awful people in general I suppose. Regardless, fans of the series who have separated the art from the artist (much like the developers appear keen to do) will hopefully appreciate the ways in which Avalanche Studios seem to be capturing the magic of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry thus far.


Let’s just hope that Avalanche can help the Harry Potter series Transcend the views of its author, who I’m sure would be terrified if there were some options to adjust both appearance and gender in-game. Hermione, Hemione, Theymione – bloody magical.


While content details at this stage are thin, the PlayStation Blog has promised the “show will run for about 20 minutes, featuring over 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay captured on PS5, and concluding with some insight from a few members of the team at Avalanche Software who are bringing the Wizarding World to life”.  Those keen to check out Hogwarts Legacy can do so on either Twitch or YouTube from 8AM AEDT on Friday March 18th.

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