Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed: Hands-on Preview

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed: Hands-on Preview

The world is in peril, the KGB has nefarious plans for the USA and there is only one person we can look to in this time of need. Well, when I say person, that isn’t exactly true. There is one Furon we can turn to,  Cryptosporidium 137. That’s right Crypto is coming back to kick some hippie ass and probe the minds of those dirty Ruskies and I am more than happy to come along for the ride. 

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is a remake of the classic cult title from the 360/PS3 era and just like its predecessor, it has had a spruce up for modern gamers. Coming in August, I was lucky enough to go hands-on with a preview build of the game and get the chance to see how it is coming along and I am pleased to report that both fans of the original and the first remake are in for a treat. This is Crypto at his wise-cracking finest and is shaping up to be an absolute barrel of alien-probed laughs. 

The setup is simple, Crypto has been ruling the USA in disguise since the events of the first game, but the KGB has somehow worked out that he is an alien and destroys Crypto’s mothership while he is visiting San Fransisco. Now it is up to Crypto to work out how these monkeys knew who he was and stop their nefarious plans in the process. Just like the first game, this story simply exists so Crypto can crack jokes and poke fun at stereotypes while causing a whole range of chaotic problems for earth’s inhabitants. For example, one mission has Crypto holding off waves of enemies while his general attempts to call their home planet for assistance. What follows is a phone conversation with unbelieving bureaucrats that can’t believe that Crypto is actually on earth and threatens to report him for a crank call. It is undeniably silly but I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. 

For the most part, things are sticking close to the first game gameplay-wise. Though the biggest improvement I noticed is that the game uses the body snatch mechanic in much more interesting ways. Possessing the right type of human for different situations like calling off the police or talking to the local hippie community is essential to moving things forward and getting around the map without attracting too much attention. The other weapons and abilities that I got to see in the preview build are all a blast too. There are electricity guns, the ability to hoverboard around town, telekenisis (so much fun) and a weapon that makes whatever it hits bounce around the map until it explodes. It is a joy. 

In my time with the preview I got a close look at two locations. The first was San Fran, the second is Albion in England. Both have a very different look and feel and both have received serious upgrades since the original game. The maps gleefully poke fun at the stereotypes of the 60s, with San Fran full of those looking for free love and music, while London resembles the start of Austin Powers, with grovy swingers on every corner. These settings are rarely, if ever, explored in video games so if nothing else it is fun to play around in something unique. 

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is looking to be much like the first Destroy All Humans re-release, A faithful recreation and upgrade that brings a cult title into the modern world. I don’t expect it to win awards or set the world on fire but I do expect it to bring a lot of laughs while letting players live out their Mars Attacks fantasies. The game already feels incredibly solid and I only expect more polish between now and August so I fully expect it to release without issue. Let’s be honest, this won’t be for everyone, but for those it clicks with, it will be an epically good time. For me? Well, I can’t wait to take Crypto on a world-spanning journey, all in the name of the Furon empire, it promises to be one hell of a ride. 

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