Exploring the Reality of Game Development in Ukraine

Exploring the Reality of Game Development in Ukraine

This isn’t going to be a long or entertaining post, but it’s important. Living in Australia, we are fairly well sheltered from the realities of war and the loss and destruction that goes with it. That is sadly not the case for a lot of people on this planet, with those in Ukraine, just one group of people struggling with the horror of war. Thanks to the gaming YouTube channel People Make Games, we now have a better idea of what life is like in Ukraine and how it has affected the lives of game developers whose products we all know and love. 

This 20-odd minute doco is a quite harrowing look at the life that these developers are currently forced to live. Focused around Frogwares, the developers behind the Sherlock Holmes games, The doco really hones in on the human aspect and how these talented people’s lives have been torn apart by Putin’s desire to claim Ukraine as his own. I won’t bore you any more with my words, I simply ask that you watch this documentary and go to the People Make Games Youtube channel to find out more.

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