Player 2 Predictions – Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

It is the crazy time of year again, the time when game publishers put on their trendy video game t-shirts and try to convince the world that their upcoming slate of titles is going to change history. But this year is a bit different, with no E3 things are somewhat quieter than usual. Thankfully there are still a few big shows to keep the hype levels up and as is tradition at P2, we are going to make some wild predictions about what is going to be shown. It is now time to guess what Phil Spencer and Co will have to offer. 

Player 2 Predictions - Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

Shaun Nicholls

Safe Bet - Starfield

The first new IP from Bethesda in over a decade was due for release this November. Unfortunately, with the spicy cough that has been going around for the best part of a few years, the team decided it would be best to push it back to next year. The incredible thing is that even with an original release date of six months from now, we still have seen very little of Starfield. Given that Xbox does not have a lot of big first-party titles near completion we can expect a good chunk of information and gameplay footage to be finally shared.

Fairly Likely - Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2

One thing the team from Obsidian is known for is their skill at creating engaging RPGs that contain just the right amount of crazy and there are two very different games currently in development by the team at Obsidian. By now most people have at least heard of the corporate-controlled universe of The Outer Worlds and those that enjoyed it will be looking forward to the sequel. For those that like their RPG action to be more fantasy-based the new IP Avowed looks to be the one that you will want to look for. Both of these games have not had a lot of information shared so expect to see more details on both of them at the Xbox show.

Wishful Thinking - Fable

We know that the game is coming eventually, but Microsoft does not seem to be in a rush to get it out into the world. There is very little information on what the game will entail, though that may be for the best given the track record of the original developers in over-promising and under-delivering. I would like to get a good look at what is going on with it but without seeing any development updates or even news about it I fear that the Fable franchise may be relegated to development hell.

Matt Hewson

Safe Bet - Redfall

After a cool cinematic trailer this time last year it has been all quiet on the Redfall front. In fact, no one seems to be sure what the game actually is. So it is probably no surprise that the game got delayed into 2023. 

That all being said, I am confident that we will see the first gameplay footage from the game and will finally have a good idea of what Redfall is exactly. I expect Arkane to get a good chunk of time to sell their Vampire apocalypse to the masses and start the Hype train rolling for 2023. 

Fairly Likely - State of Decay 3

I feel like now is the right time for Microsoft to remind people of their little zombie survival simulator that could. Being developed in Unreal and for the first time with Microsoft’s full backing (The previous two games were published by Microsoft, where as this is now a Microsoft owned studio) I fully expect this one to launch without the same levels of jank the first two did. 

Jank aside, there is nothing really out there like State of Decay and it has a dedicated group of followers, myself included. I can’t wait to see what is next in this niche, experimental and addictive franchise. 

Wishful Thinking - Quake

They have rebooted Doom, they have rebooted Wolfenstein (with the help of Machine Games) so now it makes sense for ID Software to reboot Quake. Forget the dodgy and unbalanced Quake Champions spinoff, I mean a full, story laden FPS title that captures the dark Sci/Fi of Quake 2 in a modern video game. 

It is time to tell the story of the Strogg wars, how they began, how they are going and more importantly, how one super-soldier can kill a whole bunch of baddies to ensure it ends. The trick here is for ID to make a game that is not just a re-skinned Doom and make Quake feel unique, but I have faith. 

Stephen del Prado

Safe Bet – More za Forza

Given this is arguably Microsoft’s most consistent exclusive series of recent years, it should be no surprise that Forza will make an appearance. Yes, it’s the less popular ‘Motorsport’ entry, but no doubt there are a few Horizon fans out there willing to dip their toes in something a bit more simulation oriented. To top it off, DLC for Horizon has been conspicuously absent since launch – why not hit us with the one-two-vroom-vroom punch?

Fairly Likely - Studio Investments Pay Off

While I don’t follow Microsoft or Xbox closely, I can’t help but feel it’s around time some of those purchased studios started paying hype dividends. Whether it’s a full-blown trailer or just a series of teasers, the combination of Game Pass and exclusives is sure to light a fire under every Xbox fan out there. As for the sorts of games we can expect, well…Microsoft sure has some work to do to catch up in the third-person action genre compared to Sony, but they could also concede that space and instead try and corner a few other underrepresented genres.

Wishful Thinking - ReViva Pinata

I don’t care how it’s done, if the shambling corpse of Rare has to be resurrected once more, but dammit I want another Viva Pinata game, and soon. Despite still having quite a lot of visual charm, the 360 titles are beginning to show their age. Given the capabilities of the Series X, I’d love to see a 4K60FPS rendition of these cute creatures, milling about a luscious landscape while I smash them open to feast on the gooey candy inside. With the advent of Game Pass and the increased appeal the service offers to families, more titles like Viva Pinata can only be a good thing to keep Microsoft and Xbox in the forefront of consumer minds when it comes to ‘family gaming’ – I mean, right after Nintendo that is.

Paul James

Safe Bet - Hellblade II: Senua's Saga

We’ve seen Senua feature in various presentations, both Xbox and Keighley hosted since 2019, and every time we see Hellblade II, the game looks even better than the time we last saw it. The game at this point should be out within the next 6-18 months so hopefully we’re on the verge of a major showing. There’s a feeling in my gut that this game is on the closer side of my projected 6-18 month window so here’s hoping that we’re on the verge of a big showing and a solid release date for Senua’s next adventure.

Fairly Likely - Starfield

Yes, we’re all disappointed that we’ll be waiting until 2023 before we can play Starfield, but perhaps to offset that disappointment, and to satiate an enormous community-wide appetite for a BGS open-world RPG (remember it’s been 7 years since Fallout 4!), perhaps the big hitting Bethesda part of the Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase can be the biggest game in the Bethesda catalogue. Surely we can get a hefty chunk of gameplay and Todd Howard in his leather jacket being a boss once again.

Wishful Thinking - Gears 6

Picture it: We’ve just had Gears: The Marcus Fenix Collection presented to us, a title that includes Gears 1-3 remade akin to the Gears 1 Xbox One remaster, and Judgment thrown in there because why the hell not (this is absolutely me wedging another prediction in there go check out Patched for full thoughts), but imagine the follow-up. People behind their computers are ecstatic because they get a chance to replay three of the Xbox 360’s best, and then, suddenly, the roar of a chainsaw, boom, Kait is on-screen – yep, that’s right, here’s your first look at Gears 6!

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