PAX AUS Announces First Round of Publishers Attending This Year’s Event

PAX AUS Announces First Round of Publishers Attending This Year's Event

Can you smell it? That mix of excitement, pop culture, BO and the strange wafting from the Yarra river? That can only mean one thing… PAX is back baby! That’s right, Australia’s premier (pretty much only) Gaming mecha is back in the flesh for 2022 and we are just starting to get some cool announcements as to who is going to be appearing at the show. 

Will we get a chance to go hands on with Forspoken?

The big devs and publishers are all starting to announce their attendance and the first cabs off the rank are SEGA, Square Enix, Devolver Digital, HoYoverse and Riot. That is a good selection of big games likely to make an appearance. It is hard to say what the publishers will be bringing but we can make a few guesses. HoYoverse has already promised some Genshin Impact love as well as Honkai Impact 23rd and Honkai: Star Rail.  Square Enix will surely show some love to the ever popular Final Fantasy XIV and maybe a little sneaky look at the upcoming Forspoken. SEGA is a bit harder to guess, but we should have a clearer idea on their upcoming slate after Gamescom. Riot will be there for all their ever-popular F2P titles and Devolver…well who knows? It is sure to be odd, wacky and probably a blast. 

What are the chances of getting some info from SEGA about Yakuza?

Those looking for some tech upgrades should be pretty excited too. AMD, Logitech G, ASUS, HyperX and Lenovo have already confirmed their attendance. If you are a bit of a tech nerd like myself, wandering around and checking out all the latest gadgets and goodies is always a blast and something I look forward to. No word on Nvidia and Alienware yet, though they have been at PAX in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are announced at a later date. 

I am hoping for an appearance from Nina Struthers at Devolver's display

It is a little odd that we don’t have confirmation on the three biggest hitters from the last few PAX AUS events. Sony, Xbox and Ubisoft have traditionally had a huge presence at these events and not seeing their names there is a little concerning. I hope they are just saving these announcements for a future date, because it would be a little disappointing were they not at the show. 

Genshin Impact continues to be a massive hit so expect to see it everywhere at PAX AUS

Either way, I am pumped to be finally getting back to PAX. I can’t wait to see all the indies, big publishers and tech giants get back into the Melbourne Exhibition hall and compete for my attention span. It is something that I have truly missed over the past few years and I can’t wait to catch up with all the fine folks from the community and nerd out over games and tech. If you are planning on going you had better act quick. 3 Day passes are sold out and Saturday is almost sold out as well. Head over to the official PAX AUS website to purchase your tickets and get ready for some fun. I hope to see you all there. 

The full suite of Riot games are expected to have a presence at PAX AUS

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