Quakecon 2022 Is Just Around The Corner

Quakecon 2022 Is Just Around The Corner

That’s right folks. The annual celebration of all things Bethesda is coming very soon. In fact, it is only two weeks away. To get everyone hyped for what should be a good bit of fun, Bethesda has released the full schedule for the online-only event. As always seems to be the case, there is pretty much something for everyone here.  

Some of the highlights include the Quake Champions World Championship, the big welcome to Quakecon stream (which is usually a good place to get some hot info on upcoming games) the ever-popular Dirty Keyboard competition (which is seriously gross) and a host of developer interviews, competitions and charity events. Speaking of charities, as always Quakecon is supporting a host of worthy causes. This year Quakecon has partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union, Dallas Pets Alive and Four Paws. All worthy causes and deserving of support. 

So if any of this interests you make sure you head over to the Quakecon full schedule and sort your sleeping patterns out to cater for North American timeslots. Quakecon kicks off on the 19th of Aug at 2:15am AEST. It should be a lot of fun and who knows, we might get to see more of Starfield, Redfall or even something more surprising…how about that Quake reboot we have been all asking for? Bethesda? Are you listening? 

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