The Third Street Saints Join Forces With Moon Dog Craft Brewery

The Third Street Saints Join Forces With Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Look, I love a good craft beer. Trying a new brew is one of life’s great pleasures and whenever I travel somewhere new I make sure to check out any local breweries that may be nearby. I also happen to like Saints Row so this new collaboration seems to be made just for me. The taste masters behind Moon Dog Craft Brewery have come up with a very special new beer to celebrate the long-awaited release for Saints Row and I am excited. 

Called “Keep it Strange, Santo” the new brew is a juicy pale ale that will be available from the 18th of August to -buy at Moon Dog venues and from their own website for $9 per can. To celebrate, Moon Dog will also be hosting the Saints Row launch party at Moon Dog World in Preston Victoria. If you want to check it out, make sure you drop by the Moon Dog Facebook page to grab the details. “’ Leaning into the world of Saints Row and the outlandish in-game characters, it was easy for our team to find inspiration and create an epic launch event with a bespoke beer to match,” said Miro Bellini, Moon Dog Brewing Brand Manager.

Saints Row will be launching on the 23rd of August and everything points to this game being an absolute blast. Make sure you check out our very own Jess Zammit’s hands-on preview for more information and in the meantime maybe keep an eye out for a can of “Keep it Strange, Santo” to whet your appetite before the game launches. I know I will be. 

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