Unofficial PS3 Encyclopedia – It Only Did Everything Kickstarter Announced

Unofficial PS3 Encyclopedia – It Only Did Everything Kickstarter Announced

Please forgive me as I indulge in some self-promotion for a brief period.

Several months ago, your number one PlayStation fanboy from Player2 found himself in a conversation with Sandeep Rai, the man behind 2 Old 4 Gaming, the platform that Sandeep has used to produce books covering all things PlayStation. From wonderful unofficial manuals for some of your favourite PS Vita, PS4, and PS5 games in a day and age where manuals largely don’t exist anymore, to beautiful books celebrating the life of the PlayStation Vita, “PlayStation Vita: Year One”, “PlayStation Vita: Years Two & Three”, “PlayStation Vita: The End”, and the culmination of all of his wonderful PS Vita focused work, “Vita Means Life: The Complete, Unofficial History of the PlayStation Vita.”

With each book that has been produced, the scale of the 2 Old 4 Gaming projects has expanded too, and the level of success that each corresponding Kickstarter campaign has achieved has grown in step with the scale of the projects as well. Now the next 2 Old 4 Gaming book is on the way, “It Only Did Everything: The Complete, Unofficial History of the PlayStation 3”, and I had the great privilege of being able to contribute a couple of chapters to it.

Sandeep has sourced the support of games writers all around the globe to make their contributions to the development of this new book, a love letter to the PS3, and I’m extremely humbled to have been able to write chapters dedicated to both the original Assassin’s Creed, launched in 2007 and the 2008 debut of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet. Of course beyond that, there will be hundreds of games covered in the book, a 320-page colossus that will celebrate the PlayStation console that served as my platform to grow beyond the one-eyed JRPG fan that I was in the days prior to the console’s launch, to become the more rounded gamer that writes to you today. Hundreds of games are being covered in the book, inclusive of my two contributions, and will be Kickstarted, just like the other books, beginning this Thursday, November 10th.

Right now you have the ability to save the Kickstarter so that you’re notified when it goes live, so if you’re interested in the celebration of the PS3, then please consider supporting Sandeep and the project, and in doing so, please keep an eye out for my contributions there too!

You can check out the Kickstarter here, and if you’re interested in any of Sandeep’s other works you can also buy into those via his website,, or his Etsy shop. I’d love for you to check out what Sandeep, myself, and the broader selection of contributors have compiled, a celebration of my favourite PlayStation console.

*Editor’s note: Here at Player 2 we fully encourage our writers in branching out into new areas, mediums and styles and as a result, we fully support them on their journey!

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