The Most Anticipated Action Titles For 2023

2023 is here and as is the tradition at the start of a new year, we are looking ahead at what is coming to our PCs and Consoles in the coming months. As always this is based on what we know is coming, not unannounced titles that will surely get released during the year, and don’t hold it against us when some of these titles get delayed into 2024.

Now it is time for the broadest of genre’s, Action titles. 

The Most Anticipated Action Titles For 2023

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Yakuza fans have been eating well lately. Ever since Yakuza 0 hit big in the west, the steady flow of Yakuza games onto our home systems has been an undeniable comfort for the franchise’s millions of fans. Things are changing, however, with the franchise dropping the Yakuza branding and replacing it with “Like a Dragon” which is apparently a direct translation of the Japanese name. 

This year there will be two titles bearing the “Like a Dragon” name. The first is a remake of a previously Japanese-only spin-off set in Feudal times, which will be fun no doubt, but the really exciting release is The Man Who Erased His Name. This game is a return to the gameplay of Yakuza 0 and 6 and will once again focus on the honourable fourth chairman, Kazama Kiryu. 

Expect crazy stories, solid fisty cuffs and high drama as Kiryu once again hits the streets as the gangster with a heart of gold. You can jump on this one late in the year on PC, Xbox Series, and PS5. 

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

The sequel to the fantastic Star Wars title from Respawn, Jedi Survivor has some big shoes to fill. The story of the first game was such a rousing success anything less in this title is only going to disappoint fans. 

That being said I don’t expect any of the action to be any less satisfying and some of those minor niggles (like platforming) from the original will be a thing of the past. It is my sincere hope that in some sort of bait-and-switch we get to not only play as Cal Kestus but also as the dark witch Merrin. she was such a fantastic character in the first game but was really only present for the final third. She deserves a starring role here.

Jedi Survivor is due for release on PC, Xbox Series and PS5 on March 15 this year so there isn’t long for prospective Jedi to wait. 

Lies of P

A Soulsborne title based around the tale of Pinnochio? Well, there is no doubt it is a unique premise at the very least. The thing is, apparently it plays fantastically as well. 

Set in some sort of steampunk alternative history, the game sees P take on all the trappings of a Souls title in the quest to, one would assume, become a real boy. All the trappings of the genre are there, bonfires, tough battles, and measured and precise combat. The real question is, does it do enough to create its own space in an increasingly crowded genre?

Lies of P is hitting PS4/5, Xbox Series/One, and PC sometime this year and is launching into Gamepass on day one.  

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

It’s been a long time between releases for Rocksteady studios so there is a lot riding on their first non-Batman game (well sort of non-Batman game). Bringing the team dynamic of the Suicide Squad to life in a game is going to be the biggest challenge and while we haven’t seen a whole lot, I feel like Rocksteady have earned my trust and will get it right for release.

The other worry I have is the humour. Getting dark humour right in a video game is easier said than done, but it is essential if they want to capture the spirit of the Suicide Squad. I just hope their writers are up to the challenge.

I may sound worried, and that is because I am. But I am only worried because I really want this one to just knock it out of the park. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is due for release this year (expect later in the year) for PC, Xbox Series and PS5. 

Wo Long: Forbidden Dynasty

Way back before every second game seemed to be a Soulsborne title, Team Ninja jumped into the fray to take on From Software in their own game with Nioh. Since that time, Team Ninja has earned the right to sit at the same table as From, with a dedicated group of fans enjoying their takes on the punishing genre. 

Their next title, Wo Long: Forbidden Dynasty, looks to continue this trend of high-quality Soulslike titles with a game set in a mythical China. Wo Long looks to introduce some new magic systems as well and expand on the combat seen in the Nioh games as Team Ninja attempt to create their best game yet. 

Wo Long: Forbidden Dynasty is coming to PC, PS4/5, and Xbox Series/One on March 3rd and will be hitting Gamepass on launch day. 

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