After Us Comes To Continue The Journey

After Us Comes To Continue The Journey

When you think of the outstanding Indie titles of the last decade or so, it is impossible to not mention games like Inside, Limbo and Journey. These games created such an amazing atmosphere and told such emotionally affecting tales that they have basically become the high water mark that all indie titles are measured against. So when I say After Us immediately puts me in the mind of these three giants…well it is safe to presume the bar has been set. 

After Us is an adventure set on a Post-Human earth. Players take on the role of Gaia, the spirit of life, who must discover what has happened to the animals that once roamed the planet and restore them to life. Players must discover where the last whale was harpooned, the last deer was hunted and the final eagle caged and bring them back to Earth to restore the balance. The game clearly takes cues from the cream of the indie crop and adds them to an absolutely stunning sense of style. According the PR blast other key features include:

  • Gaia’s journey: the last animals have died, and Mother has used all of her Life Force to save their souls, now trapped in their vessels. Gaia’s quest is to rescue each of their souls and bring them back to Mother’s Ark. Gaia’s traversal abilities will allow you to glide, jump, and dash to explore new areas and evade deadly traps, while her special gifts will grant you the power to clear the oil that consumes the world, face hungry Devourers, and break souls free.


  • A vast, surrealistic world: see through Gaia’s eyes the desolated landscapes that depict the destructive relationships between humans and nature in a beautiful demonstration of abstract artistry. From dying forests to the heart of crumbling cities, through the dry seabed and polluted skies, each environment will offer new challenges for Gaia to face and will present her different versions of the Devourers’ wake of destruction as she spreads life and beauty on her path.


  • A story of contrasts: After Us offers a somber look at a world decimated by human impact. As you guide Gaia’s light through it and discover the causes behind the destruction, you will learn the fate of the Devourers as agents of extinction, but also agents of progress, love, and hope.


I mean, just look at that trailer… it is something special. I just hope it holds up to the games it reminds me of because if After Us can do that, it may join the pantheon of amazing indie adventures, it has that much potential in my eyes. We will find out for sure when the game is released on the 23rd of May on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. 

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