Wild Hearts Continues Hunting With Generous Free Update

Wild Hearts Continues Hunting With Generous Free Update

It is no secret that here at Player 2 we loved  EA and Koei Tecmo’s take on the monster-hunting genre, Wild Hearts. I loved my time with it and our reviewer had nothing but kind things to say, so it is exciting to hear that the game still has more to give.  Coming on April 6 (PT so sometime on the 7th for Aus most likely,) the Lethal Blossoms update is landing and bringing with it a host of new goodies to explore, fight and hunt with.  

First on the list of new additions is an entirely new species of Kemono called the Murakumo. This beast shares similarities with a fox but can manipulate the wind and air to take down players with tornadoes, create floating platforms and form petals into life-stealing weapons. Next up is a new Karikuri which is a Spinning Top Fusion that can attack and even stagger Kemono. Finally, this update introduces a new Limit Break system that allows hunters to use Core Orbs (obtained through Kemono hunts) to enhance their favourite weapons and armour. 

For more details, you can head over to the Wild Hearts Blog where the team gives an in-depth description of all the new features and goodies available to players at no cost. They have also announced that more content will be coming this month with a new Kemono and special quests on the way. In the meantime make sure you check out the update’s trailer and get prepared to dive back into Wild Hearts… it may be exactly what I do this Easter weekend. 

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