Armored Core VI Fires Off in August

Armored Core VI Fires Off in August

Publisher Bandai Namco have announced that Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon, the long anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Armored Core: Verdict Day will launch worldwide on August 25th. Developer From Software, who have been a touch busy taking the gaming world by storm over the past 15 years with their Souls et al titles culminating in multiple GOTY award winning Elden Ring in 2022, have been slowly putting Fires of Rubicon together since 2016. With such an extended development cycle and a team that have finely honed their craft for a decade plus, Armored Core VI might be a surprise highlight of late 2023. 

Directed by Mamaru Yasamura, lead game designer of SekiroArmored Core VI focuses on the discovery of a substance labeled ‘Coral’, an energy producing substance native to the distant world of Rubicon 3. Following an environmental disaster of galactic proportions “that engulfed the planet and the surrounding stars in flames and storms, forming a Burning Star System”, rather than question whether such pursuits are a risk for the species as a whole, the reemergence of ‘Coral’ on the decimated Runicon 3 instead sees extra-terrestrial and intergalactic corporations engaged in a war for it’s control. 

Players will assume the role of mercenaries caught up in the conflict, seeking to line their own pockets whilst piloting and customizing mechas across a range of biomes. To succeed “players must master rapidly changing combat distances, using the environment for protective cover, and omni-directional battles to overcome challenging enemies and situations.” 

The newly launched Gameplay Trailer showcases the frenetic pace at which these titanic battles will be fought, both on the surface and in the air. Available across PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC via Steam, Armored Core VI will also support free upgrades for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions on their respective next-gen counterparts.

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