Player 2 Vs Devolver Direct 2023

Player 2 Vs Devolver Direct 2023

With Summer Game Fest Kick-Off in the books, the floodgates for several other showcases have been thrown open. Next up, Devolver Digital hosts their annual Devolver Direct 2023. Join Player 2 Editors, Matt and Paul as the pair discuss all the craziness that Devolver has in store for fans in 2023 and beyond

The Cosmic Wheel: Sisterhood

Paul: I’m so anti-Taro cards and all of that mambo jumbo, so for as tonally appealing as this was, that other element pushes me far away from The Cosmic Wheel: Sisterhood. This one is a pass for me

Matt: I am not sure I am the target audience for this one, but there is no doubt that a huge target audience exists. It certainly looks to capture that 90s Buffy/Sabrina feel and put it into an adventure game and I can totally see people going wild for that.

Sludge Life 2

Paul: Sludge Life did some interesting things but also was a bit too much for my delicate sensibilities. Sludge Life 2 getting a demo (available now) does at least give me the chance to check out the sequel and see how the tonal balancing act has changed (or hasn’t), I’ll report back soon!

Matt: The first game wasn’t for me, but absolutely fits the purest definition of a Devolver game. I know quite a few dug the experience and it looks like number 2 is going to expand on that in some cool ways.

Bleak Sword DX

Paul: This lo-fi action fantasy brawler is right up my alley. It’s minimalist in all of the right ways, and the action looks pretty damn sweet, so consider me sold on it.

Matt: A crazy looking action game that sports a unique look, it is hard to say how this will hold up over time but I can see it being a great little pickup in a Humble Bundle or something similar down the track.


Paul: We had a write up for the game a couple fo months ago, but it was nice to see KarmaZoo pop up again. The game looks like it could be a hell of a good time, but my only problem is that I rarely partner up online, so getting a crew together could be a challenge for me, and without that, I sense I’ll be missing the most important aspect of the game.

Matt: A known quantity, from all reports this is a cracking game with the right group of friends. It seems to have a lot of potential as a party game and frankly there aren’t enough of those, especially on PC

Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd

Paul: Bit disappointed that we didn’t see something new from Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd. I would have rathered that the game was completely absent (like The Plucky Squire was) than resurface with the same, six-month old trailer once again. Looking forward to it though whenever the time comes.

Matt: Just the same trailer we have seen before. I love Hellboy and apart from his cameo appearance in Injustice 2 as a DLC fighter, he hasn’t actually had a good video game. Could this be it?

Shadows Of The Damned Remastered

Paul: Look, Suda 51 games simply don’t hold much water for me sadly, save for No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. The rest, haven’t come close to capturing my interest, because of their tone. Shadows Of The Damned Remastered is an interesting one though, and I’m keen to see what comes of a full remaster and a second chance.

Matt: Ha, the one Suda 51 game I actually really enjoyed is coming back, along with another conference for other Grasshopper games, presumably the Lollipop Chainsaw remake and something more from No More Heroes.

Wizard With A Gun

Paul: Thanks for the early access to this one Devolver! Check out my P2 Plays which is already live!

Matt: Survival games are not usually my thing, but I have been tempted by the odd one or two and Wizard with a Gun is very very tempting. I really dig the look, it really gives me some Bastion vibes with the look. Also magic in the old west is super cool, that’s a fact. If the action holds up this could be the perfect Steam Deck game.

The Talos Principle II

Paul: Much like the PlayStation Showcase of a fortnight ago, I simply can’t get into this. My puny brain simply cannot compute what it needs to, to get through this game.

Matt: We talked about this at the PS5 showing and I am still super keen. For me the first game is the only one to have come even close to Portal in regards to FPS puzzling and there is such a vacuum in the genre at the moment I feel like this is really going to scratch an unscratched itch.

Baby Steps

Paul: When I saw that Gabe Cuzzilo, the genius behind Ape Out had a new game, I was stoked. Perhaps it would be a sequel?! What we got, with Baby Steps, left me more confused than anything else. Like, it could be really funny, it feels like I’m going to laugh a lot – but am I ultimately going to grow tired of the humour and the mechanics? Time will tell I guess!

Matt: This is going to be the most amazing thing or the most frustrating thing ever. Who knows? But one thing is for sure, Devolver are the only ones mad enough to publish it.

Human Fall Flat 2

Paul: Keen to play this one. Only ever saw or heard good things about the original, although I never gave it a chance in its day. Second chance opportunity for me right here! Also, Skill Up!

Matt: I never really played the first game, but boy did I watch my boys play it alot. It is just a ridiculous couch game that gets more chuckles than just about any other game out there. A welcome addition even if we didn’t really see anything about it.

Volvy Narrative

Paul: The wonderful mockumentary style of past Devolver Showcases transitioned perfectly over to the Volvy plotline of 2023. Put Volvy in everything please!

Matt: Batty, mad and mental all thrown into one. As always Devolver takes aim at the tech controversy of the time, in this case AI and skewers it like with all the grace of a Monty Python sketch. Fun.

Final Thoughts

Paul: Great showcase, (largely) great games, and a great plotline left me smiling throughout. It’s a shame Volvy and Nina didn’t get a moment to crossover, but such is life. Can’t wait for what comes next Devolver… but also, Plucky Squire… when?

Matt: Look, I am a broken Devolver fan. The complete lack of Nina Struthers has crushed me and I don’t know if I can recover. Otherwise it was exactly what you expect from Devolver, a bunch of wild, intriguing and out-there games that look to create cult followings. God bless em.

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