Aethermon: Collect Hits Crowdfunding This Week

Aethermon: Collect Hits Crowdfunding This Week

3rd Place Games, developers of 2022 PAX AUS Indie Showcase Winner Aethermon:Tower of Darkness (now retitled Aethermon: Ascent) have created a new, lightweight set collection game in their Aethermon universe which goes live on Gamefound this Tuesday. Designed for 1 to 4 players, Aethermon: Collect boasts both competitive and co-operative modes which alter both the length and feel of the game.

During the course of a round, players attempt to collect sets of matching Aethermon across eight different elemental suits while denying opponents the chance to complete their own sets. Cards are laid out in a grid formation, with players moving the included acrylic standee vertically or horizontally along the grid to secure their next card and try to foil their opponents.  At two players, Aethermon: Collect is a tight game as much about ‘hate drafting’ (taking cards your opponent desires that you have little to no use for) as it is amassing your own sets. Fast, but definitely not friendly, the game opens up substantially at higher player counts as both the types of Aethermon and the possibility space increases. Included is a set of 12 variant ‘Artefact’ cards which allow players to make moves that would otherwise be illegal once per game and can have a big impact when used at a crucial moment. Played co-operatively, Aethermon: Collect is a family-friendly filler that plays great with all ages, including new gamers with little to no experience under their belts.

Drawing inspiration from smash-hits Sushi Go and Point Salad, Aethermon: Collect is a great starting point for getting involved in the franchise as it grows. Each of the 48 Aethermon cards included is loaded with lore and descriptions on the reverse, while the bright artwork on front ensures Aethermon: Collect stands out on the table. Coming in a small box with good quality components, the game is both quick to setup and put away which means even our youngest playtesters at Player2 managed a few games without losing interest. However, some players may find it difficult to distinguish between two to three of particular colour sets of Aethermon and will instead need to look to the icons, while the rules also take the form of cards which some players might find tricky to keep organised.  

If you’d like to check out Aethermon: Collect, we have a regular link available to the campaign, or a sponsored link that will provide 10% of your pledge funds back to Player 2 so we can increase our coverage of tabletop titles like this one. On the campaign page, you’ll find plenty to get excited about, including stretch goals and a free PnP to get a taste of the game before committing. Best of all, by following the Gamefound campaign before 7 PM AEDT on the 1st of August, you’ll get a free collectible Aethermon pin set as a gift.

Player2 played Aethermon: Collect using a physical copy provided by the publisher. This post is partially sponsored by the publisher if readers choose to use the sponsored crowdfunding link provided.

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