Broken Roads Release Date Revealed

Broken Roads Release Date Revealed

It has been a long time coming but today we finally know when we will be able to get our hands on Broken Roads. Mark November 14th in your calendar because it is the day you will be able to start your journey through a post-apocalyptic Outback of Western Australia. Your choices are guided by the Moral Compass, a unique take on the traditional black-and-white morality systems that you see in most games and one that will affect dialogue options and questing decisions.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to make the journey, at least not initially, as the new release date trailer that dropped today states that the game is only releasing on Steam and Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. At this stage, there is no word on why it is only being released on the Microsoft family of consoles, but those of us who have access to those platforms are in for a real treat.

Developed by Drop Bear Bytes and published by Versus Evil, Broken Roads brings together a rich narrative experience with a gorgeous art style that brings a post-apocalyptic Australia to life. 

“With Broken Roads we wanted to make a deep, moving RPG full of a massive web of choices that allow for unprecedented choice in role-playing,” said Craig Ritchie, Game Director at Drop Bear Bytes. “We also wanted to create a fully immersive world based around our native Australia, so a ton of work went into creating an authentic vision of this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Broken Roads may be set in the dusty desert badlands, but we wanted to ensure that it’s also full of compassion, empathy and humanity.”

I have been following this game since PAX Melbourne in 2019 and I am excited to get my hands on the full release and start exploring the Outback Wasteland. If by some chance you have completely missed our coverage so far you can check out my interview with Game Director Craig Ritchie and Narrative Director Leanne Taylor-Giles, my P2 Plays of the Broken Roads Steam demo, or even head to Steam and download the demo to experience the Western Australian Outback Wasteland and Moral Compass for yourself.

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