Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide 2023

Father's Day Tech Gift Guide 2023

Do you have a dad, or father-figure in your life that has a love of technology? Do they like games, or even spend a bit of time in front of a computer? Well, if that in any way describes those father-figures in your life, then we’ve got the guide for you? Whether it be quality of life improvements to their workspace, charging solutions, secondary displays, or even some flash lighting solutions, we’ve got a range of wicked recommendations that are sure to be well received by your loved ones. Join us as we take you through some fantastic options.

Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port GAN-AU

As more and more devices, thankfully pivot to making USB-C their default wired charging method, consumers are beginning to look at convenient powering solutions to cut down on the number of power sockets they’re using. Enter the Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port GAN-AU; a wonderful charging solution that makes powering up phones, laptops and other USB-C powered devices a breeze. Featuring 4 charging inputs, and a reasonable form factor and size, the 165 Watt model utilises GAN technology which is now pretty well known for its decreasing in charging time for USB-C devices. I was quite blown away by how efficiently the charger topped up the four devices that I simultaneously connected to it. It felt as though none were suffering for the fact that the device was sharing it’s resources across four devices, and it wasn’t long before I could comfortably disconnect what I needed and be on with the remainder of the day. 

With an RRP of $199 AUD, you’re buying this for a purpose, whether that be for mass charging of gaming controllers, or even to keep a few high-powered devices simultaneously on the go for work, but if you’re the right use case for such a device, then Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port GAN-AU won’t let you down.

Where to Buy: JB Hi-Fi, Amazon

Reviewed by Paul

Twelve South Curve For Macbook

Tired of those long hours with your laptop burning up your lap as you’re in either a lengthy gaming session or even putting in the long hours into video/audio editing, writing, or work? I can relate, and that’s why I’ve now become a big proponent of the Twelve South Curve For Macbook. Designed with Apple Macbooks in mind, but still good for most laptops between 11” and 15”, the Curve is an extremely sturdy stand for your laptop that takes that heat away from the private regions, but also allows you to create a more desktop style of arrangement when required by elevating the laptop to a better eye-line. 

Less strain on the neck, less heat around the nether-regions, and rock solid form factor, makes the RRP $90 AUD price a figure worth considering – you’re paying for quality and comfort.

Where to Buy: JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Officeworks

Reviewed by Paul

Twelve South Deskpad

Most of our office spaces could do with some classing up a bit I’m sure. We could probably also benefit from some additional cushioning for both our laptops that we’re using, but also for our arms and wrists that usually have a pretty cold, hard surface to rest upon. The Twelve South Deskpad, made of Vegan leather, might be one of the best surfaces that I’ve ever placed my laptop onto. My deskspace at work can often be a bit of a cluttered mess, but by adding the classy Deskpad to the mix it necessitates that I keep things tidier, lest I disrespect this beautiful product. 

Coming in black and Dove Grey, the Twelve South Deskpad will set you back RRP $90, but is a wonderful ergonomic addition to your workspace, and a classy finish too. It will fit laptops of any size, and has room for a few additional peripherals as well. Set your laptop on it, place it in front of a desktop and have a stunning surface for your mouse, keyboard and anything else you may require, and enjoy!

Where to Buy: Amazon, TryAndByte

Reviewed by Paul

Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub

For those of us who love games, and the large subset of that group who like to stream them, you’re likely finding that you’ve got a tonne of different devices all requiring powering or connectivity to your PC – thankfully that is where the Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub comes into play. Featuring input opportunities for three USB-A slots, one of which is a 7.5W fast-charge port, USB-C input, ethernet, additional display input via 4K HDMI, and slots of SD and Mini SD cards, the StayGo USB-C Hub is made for any occasion.

At at RRP $199 AUD, you’ve got the perfect device to hook up everything you need with any need for compromises. A meter long USB-C connection also gives you the scope to keep things pretty neat and tidy as well.

Where to Buy: Officeworks, Amazon, TryAndByte

Reviewed by Paul

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite

Need an extra monitor for your laptop that won’t take up a huge amount of space? Mobile Pixels’ Duex Lite is a 12.5 ” portable monitor that can attach to any 13-14” laptop via magnets to the exterior and might be just what you’re after. When screen space is at a premium, the Duex Plus gives you room to breathe and offers a variety of configurations to suit a range of desks and workspaces, with both horizontal and even vertical arrangement options. It can even be swiveled around completely to become an extra display on the rear of the laptop itself, a great way to keep the kids entertained while you wrap up those last minute jobs.

Installation is a breeze, although one tip I’ll give is to install it a touch higher than it suggests on the included instructions, as the slight extra depth it gives to your laptop at the bottom can limit how much the lid can be opened back, as well as interfere with any stands you might be using alongside it – an easy enough fix by detaching the unit, but better to be able to use it in conjunction with other accessories if required. Also be sure that your laptop has a completely flat rear surface behind the display – any curvature, texturing or other aesthetic differences could make it nigh impossible to attach effectively. 

The Duex Lite is available in a range of colours, although grey and blue seem to be the most readily available at Australian retailers. Weighing in at under 700 grams, it doesn’t add a huge amount of heft to your laptop and fit quite neatly into my laptop bag while still attached, but it may test the hinge strength of some laptop brands when angling far back. The Duex Lite is capable of full 1080p resolution via USB-C or HDMI port, with a bespoke USB-C cable included for convenience. 

The Duex Lite is well suited to those that yearn for a second display without sacrificing portability or convenience. Retailing for around $425, it’s for those wanting to go all out for Dad this year. 

Where to Buy: JB Hi-Fi , Officeworks

Reviewed by Stephen

Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad

The ParcSlope is a slimline hybrid iPad/Macbook stand that is sleek, lightweight and sturdy. Taking up minimal space on a desk or workspace, it has plenty of subtle features to increase usability for both MacBook and iPad users. Providing an improved viewing angle, the ParcSlope increases comfort levels when used for seated or standing work and can fit into most laptop bags for work on the go. Raised ridges on the bottom hold your device in place, while the textured top section ensures it won’t shift around while typing. For artists and designers working from an iPad or tablet, the ParcSlope is exceedingly well suited to providing a more ergonomic angle for drawing.

Weighing in and just over 300 grams, the ParcSlope is built as a single piece that feels extremely durable and well suited to those who travel frequently for work and would benefit from the added comfort it provides whilst on the move. Retailing for $80, the ParcSlope should be a welcome addition to any work environment for anyone shifting between a laptop and tablet regularly.

Where to Buy: Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, TryAndByte

Reviewed by Stephen

TwelveSouth Curve Flex stand for Macbooks and Laptops

Available in both black and white, the Curve Flex by TwelveSouth is a heavy duty laptop stand with a convenient folding design, making it perfect for travelling workers or those needing more flexibility in terms of their workspace. Coming with a soft padded case to transport it in, the Curve Flex folds out easily with included step-by-step instructions attached to the device itself which peel off when no longer needed. It’s also slim enough that most laptop bags will handle it with ease.

The Curve Flex allows users to set both height and angle of the laptop, perfect for someone like myself whose device moves through a lot of different environments during the day with varying desk sizes and configurations, including both seated and standing. The Flex in the title in no joke – adjusting the perfect position is as simple as holding the base of the unit and adjusting up or down. Silicon holds the device in place while small arms secure it from slipping off no matter the angle. Using a MacBook Air, the Curve Flex didn’t disappoint when it came to making longer sessions on my device less stressful on my neck and back and would easily accomodate larger devices, although it weight could limit how high you feel comfortable lifting a device away from the surface under it. 

Retailing around $110, the Curve Flex is a great option for anyone that needs portability and flexibility as a major priorities in their laptop stands.

Where to Buy: JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Amazon AU

Reviewed by Stephen

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small

I am no artist, my students regularly point this out to me, as does my wife, and, now that they’ve mastered the art of the stick figure human at the ages of 2 and 4 years old… my kids to do. I may be rubbish with pen, pencil or pastel in hand, but I’m as enthusiastic as that pencil meme kid, and so the Xencelabs Small Pen Tablet really spoke to me. Then pens that pair with tablet are exceptionally precise and fit the hand nicely. Users will need to find their sweet spot however as they look to find a position that doesn’t leave them mashing buttons inadvertently.

Even this small tablet provided me with a generous amount of space to scribble down notes during interviews, or even as I mocked up ideas for podcast or video thumbnails. The tablet connects to your device either via bluetooth via a dongle or direcly via USB cable. The lack of direct Bluetooth connection, avoiding the need for a dongle is disappointing, but for most gamers, you’ve usually got an abundance and so this flaw might be a non-issue for many.

For rookies such as myself, the Pen Tablet Small is a quick, plug and play item, however for those look to squeeze everything they can out of it, the associated app provides even more customisability and level of choice for the user. 

The Pen Tablet Small has an RRP of $340 and so you’re buying an item like this because you already have a penchant for digital arts, but even for the layman, there’s much that a device such as this opens up for you making it a great buy. 

Where to Buy: Xencelabs, Scorptec

Reviewed by Paul

With Father’s Day now only days away, but also there never being a bad time to spoil any loved one in your live, these are but a few exceptional options for you to consider if that person loves tech.

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