Wizard With A Gun Reveals The Gunmancer’s Diary’s Newest Chapter – Ammo Craftwork

Wizard With A Gun Reveals The Gunmancer’s Diary's Newest Chapter - Ammo Craftwork

I sometimes wonder why in some games, magic and weapons are placed into two, often opposing, camps. Like somehow, the sorcery of a more mystical age does not comfortably meld with the engineering of an industrial one. Even when used in concert, they are often an “either-or” proposition. So whenever I see news about Wizard with a Gun, my brain automatically plays the jingle from the Old El Paso advertisement, and I visualise that little girl turning to me, shrugging, “why do we not have both?”.

Cue the triumphant music and people cheering.

Imagine yourself stalking the harsh wilderness, dangerously armed with guns enchanted with wild, emergent magic. Imagine mixing and matching a concoction of chaos to make the perfect weapon to get yourself out of a tricky situation. That is what I am seeing, every time I find out more about this game.

The latest gameplay video, the Gunmancer’s Diary, gives you a tiny glimpse into the myriad of possibilities – combining different characteristics and modifiers to shocking effect (pun definitely intended – watch the video to find out why!).

Take the weapon crafting you see in this latest video, add in survival elements and cooperative play, and Wizard with a Gun is shaping up to be something worth your attention.

Wizard with a Gun will be available on 17 October 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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