Fallout Amazon TV Series’ Release Date Revealed

Fallout Amazon TV Series' Release Date Revealed

The new Fallout TV series that is set to premiere on Amazon Prime has announced a release date as the 12th of April 2024. The series is gathering attention due to the fact that Christopher Nolan and Lisa Joy, the executive producers of Westworld being on board as writers. Todd Howard has also come in board as an executive producer and has allayed the fears of long time fans of the games series.  

The show will take place in the game universe, but will follow a story that is separate to any of the games. Like a lot of the games, the show will begin at a vault, which is where humanity retreated to escape the upcoming nuclear war in 1950’s America. The country has become fractured, with several factions having their own way of doing things and dealing with threats. Ghouls, people who have had their skins destroyed by radiation poisoning are often treated terribly. Its unknown if any of these factions, or ghouls will appear although some have said Walton Goggins will appear as the latter, but for now, there’s no proof. 

The Vault of the TV series, Vault 33 hasn’t been featured in any of the games as yet. It’s still unknown if the main character Norm (Moises Arias) will be leaving the vault or if some of the series will go out into the wasteland. There are rumours about the cast as it seems only ten have been locked in to their characters so far. What is known is that the writers have very much enjoyed the games and hope to keep the goofy attitude of the games.  

It seems the trickle of information is very deliberate on the part of the creators to help drum up excitement. The release date short has definitely done just that, generating a buzz on Twitter/X. Hopefully, they’ll continue to release details bit by bit.  

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