PAX AUS 23 – Interview with Phil Walker-Harding

PAX AUS 23 - Interview with Phil Walker-Harding

Player2 interviewed acclaimed Australian tabletop game designer Phil Walker-Harding to discuss his decade plus of experiences in the industry. Phil is responsible for many well know and internationally acclaimed designs including Archaeology: The New Expedition, Sushi Go, Gizmos, Barenpark, Imhotep, Silver & Gold and many, many more credits.  Along the way, Phil has worked with numerous publishers in the industry including Space Cowboys, Lookout Games, Gamewright and Z-Man Games. Phil shared some of his career highlights as well as his latest venture, starting the publishing company Joey Games with his wife Meredith. Their initial trio of games – Scribbly Gum, Pass the Party Food and Busy Beaks – funded successfully on Kickstarter in 2022 with more designs expected to hit retail in 2024.



Phil will be at PAX AUS 2023 promoting his latest design Spellbook, which is playable at the show. Alongside this, Phil will appear with fellow Australian game designer Matthew Dunstan on a panel titled “Aussie Tabletop Unboxed”, which runs from 3-4PM on Saturday the 7th of October in the Drop Bear Theatre.

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