GTA VI Trailer – VIce As Nice

GTA VI Trailer - VIce as Nice

In some huge news today, Rockstar dropped the first of many Grand Theft Auto VI trailers given it’s promised 2025 release. 


The trailer sees the series fully return to Vice City for the first time since 2006’s GTA: Vice City Stories on the PSP. Highlighting the colourful neon and pastel palette of the location, Tom Petty serenades the viewer once again promising a banger soundtrack – we’d expect no less given the acclaimed status of the original Vice City soundtrack.


Strip clubs, the Everglades, freeways, and of course the iconic beaches showcase the locales players can look forward to in GTAVI, simultaneously introducing Lucia, one half of a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ style duo alongside her unnamed accomplice. Early in the trailer, Lucia is shown in her OITNB jumpsuit before later engaging in some police evasion following a convenience store stick-up. ˇrimming down to a duo from the three character approach of 2013’s GTAV will hopefully allow Rockstar to develop these protagonists more fully than they managed in that game, with Franklin faring poorly against both Trevor and Michael in that department. 


Fully embracing the ‘Florida Pronoun’ stereotypes, GTAVI looks set to be a wild ride from start to finish with a whole host of interesting characters to play around with. Gators, bikers, gang members and plenty more show up in the trailer making it ripe for pausing frequently. Whether Rockstar can mine the same sort of humour they relied upon a decade ago will remain to be seen – much of GTAV doesn’t hold up as well in 2023, so I’m gunning for them to get some effective satire in there, no doubt something easy given the state of American politics and culture wars in the past ten years. 


Look forward to more from Rockstar sometime next year, as one of the most profitable entertainment franchises of all time, you better believe the hype train for this one will be out of this world.  

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