The P2 Awards 2023 – Best Aussie Game

The P2 Awards 2023 - Best Aussie Game

It is that time of year folks, the time when the P2 crew sit down around a fire, roasting chestnuts, drinking a nice beverage before arguing excessively about the best games of the year. There is no doubt that 2023 had some absolute bangers to share with players and here, the P2 team have listed their favourites. It is time to check in with the Aussie titles that tickled our fancy in 2023. 

Paul James - Moving Out 2

Though 2023 was a quieter year perhaps for local product, with our eastbound neighbours doing a lot of the heavy lifting with the likes of Dredge, the Aussie development scene still kicked some goals this year. Moving Out was a game that I loved in premise when it first launched, but could never access because I had nobody in the household to play the game with, and online wasn’t a feature. Enter Moving Out 2, online functionality, and a bigger, better, and more badass final product. Moving Out 2 is exceptional, and a tonne of fun. It might have been a quieter year for Aussie releases getting the spotlight, but the quality bar at the top end has not lowered at all.

Matt Hewson - Barton Lynch Pro Surfer

With a few big names like Silksong and Broken Roads getting bumped into 2024 and Stray Gods really not being my thing, it was a tough choice for my personal Aussie game of the year, so in the end, I went with the Aussie game I played the most in 2023, Barton Lynch Pro Surfer.

It has its problems, but it is a genuinely great attempt at bringing the sport of surfing to a video game in a way that is more simulation than an arcade title. It constantly improved over its Early Access period and when the game came out in full release it really hit the mark with surfing fans that have been long starved for virtual content. Based on the support the game has received so far, I see this one only getting better as time goes on. 

Sarah Ellen - Innchanted

I can understand why Innchanted might have a high bar to clear as it tackles the kingdom of Overcooked. However, I enjoyed Innchanted because it gave me a broader range of tasks to do thank cooking (such as seating people in the inn, taking orders, and defending your loot). The plot of Innchanted is also charming, with dialogue and themes even touching on Australian wit and indigenous ideas.

Shaun Nicholls - Moving Out 2

After the chaos that was the original, my youngest insisted we try Moving Out 2. While it is more of the same with crazier environments, it is a fun co-op game that will keep you and your friends both entertained and frustrated as you make your way through some unique moving experiences. While it may not be at its best solo, SMG Studio has provided a game that will test the strength of your relationships as you try to manoeuvre chunky items through confined spaces.

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