Games to Watch 2024 – Action

Games to Watch 2024 - Action

It’s time again to peer into the future, all so I can highlight games that I think are worth watching. It is worth noting two things, the first is that this list is for announced games only and the second is due to the nature of classifying genres these days, I have placed the games where I feel they fit best so don’t shoot me if your most anticipated game isn’t here, it may be in another list. With that in mind, let’s get to the games. Get ready to fire up those twitch reflexes because it is time to focus on the Action titles coming in 2024.

Look, I want to make it clear, just because I have included a game on this list doesn’t mean I think it will be good. In the case of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League I very much think it is a case of Redfall repeating itself. Senior Execs forcing devs to make a game that doesn’t suit them in the slightest. The old round peg, square hole thing. 

Why I did include the game is, it should be very interesting to watch it all play out. Will it totally belly-flop like Redfall did? Will it find a small dedicated audience that keeps it limping along for a year or two like Avengers? Will it even achieve the impossible and be a success? Who knows but I feel a lot of it will depend on how quickly Rocksteady can adapt to fan feedback.

It will certainly be a ride to watch when it releases in Feb.

You can preorder Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League here: 

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

Senua’s Sacrifice was a bit of a watershed moment in game history when it came to portraying mental illness. Using research and guidance from a range of mental health experts, Ninja Theory created a game about a Viking who lived in a world of nightmares created by her own psyche and there is honestly nothing else like it. 

Senua’s Saga looks to continue that journey into the mind’s dark places while at the same time fix some of the issues that cropped up in the first game. It has been in development for a long time and was the very first game announced for the Xbox Series X so I think Microsoft have given Ninja Theory a blank cheque to get this one right. 

I am excited to once again dive into the mind of Senua when the game releases this year. 

Helldivers 2

The original Helldivers was a top-down, twin-stick shooter that really leaned into a Starship Troopers vibe. It was a tonne of fun and playing co-op with mates was one of my true highlights of the PS4 era. 

Fast forward to 2024 and we have the long-awaited sequel. Only this time the top-down perspective has been ditched for a 3rd person view. This is where I worry. There have been a lot of four-player 3rd and first-person action games in recent times and almost all of them have failed to be successful. 

Will Helldivers 2 manage to keep its charm and sense of fun in the 3rd person or will it just become another in a long line of co-op games that come and go in a flash? I for one am hoping for the former. 

The First Descendant

The First Descendant is landing at exactly the right time. Destiny is faltering I get the feeling that the community is ready for a new adventure in the same sort of vein. Luckily that is exactly what The First Descendant is, 3rd person riff on the Destiny formula.

I managed to get some hands-on time during a couple of beta’s last year and found a solid base game that was a little rough around the edges at the time. There has been quite a bit of time for developers to polish those edges since so I expect it to be in good shape when it releases this year. 

The problem this sort of game always faces is how it captures its audience. How does it convince people to dive in? Let’s hope that The First Descendant nails the landing and gets people through the door. 

Princess Peach is finally getting her chance to save the world in this upcoming Switch title that seems part traditional Mario game, part Kirby adventure. Peach is seemingly having a quiet night at the theatre and hell breaks loose, forcing her to take action. There is no time to wait for that uncultured Italian plumber who wouldn’t be caught dead at the theatre.

As far as a premise goes, well it is a very Nintendo one. That said the gameplay looks fantastic and while it isn’t the Peach rescues Mario role reversal many wish to see, it does give Nintendo another extremely marketable lead character to build a franchise off. Something that Nintendo are masters of. 

This should be a bit of a breath of fresh air for Ninty fans all around the world after the one-two punch of Super Mario Wonder and Super Mario RPG late last year. 

You can preorder Princess Peach: Showtime! here:

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