Games to Watch 2024 – Australian Made

Games to Watch 2024 - Australian Made

It’s time again to peer into the future, all so I can highlight games that I think are worth watching. It is worth noting two things, the first is that this list is for announced games only and the second is due to the nature of classifying genres these days, I have placed the games where I feel they fit best so don’t shoot me if your most anticipated game isn’t here, it may be in another list. With that in mind, let’s get to the games. Now it is time to check in with our local mates and look at the upcoming Australian Made games. 


It is hard for me to be more exited for Capes than I already am and let me tell you why. The developers behind this new superhero turn-based strategy game are many of the faces that not only created Hand of Fate 1 & 2 but they are also the minds behind the stone-cold classic Freedom Force games (kids, you need to check those out.)

The elevator pitch for Capes is also a cracker. Xcom meets 90s-era-styled superheroes. What I’ve seen of the story puts me in the mind of Brendon Sanderson’s Reckoners series which also piques my interest. It is hard to see any box that Capes has failed to tick when it comes to my own personal taste.

Look I have no doubt this is going to be a banger, the team behind are not only fantastic folks but immensely talented and their CVs are filled with credits on Australia and the world’s best games.

Bears in Space

What a name. Seriously, if Bears in Space doesn’t immediately attract your attention then I am not sure you are human. Thankfully, there is more to this game than a cool name. Bears in Space is an FPS that places a large emphasis on humour and full-on action.

I was lucky enough to go hands-on with Bears in Space at PAX Aus 2023 and it played really well. It actually put me in the mind of the recently released High on Life, only without the toxic talking weapons. There is a similar vibe and obvious desire to lean into the absurd. The gunplay was also tight, with the action satisfying and a host of superpowers and gameplay curveballs to mess around with. 

In all, this is shaping up to be a cracking game. It may not be reinventing the wheel but it is aiming to give players a cracking good time… with bears….in space.  

The Plucky Squire

Everything and I mean everything that has been shown of The Plucky Squire has been impressive, to say the least. It took the internet by storm with its first gameplay trailer and ever since it has been a regular on “most anticipated” lists from all around the world. 

Taking a whole host of classic game styles, from 2D platforming to SHUMPS to SNES Era Zelda adventures, The Plucky Squire combines all of these into one epic adventure. To top it all off, it is overloaded with charm and humour. 

The only worry I have is that with this scattered approach to the different types of gameplay is that it becomes a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades and Master-of-none situation. But my hope is that isn’t the case because I think the world will be a better place if The Plucky Squire nails it when it hits our systems later in the year. 

Broken Roads

Mad Max meets Fallout is an idea I can get behind and that’s pretty much what we are getting with Broken Roads. A classic CRPG set in post-apocalyptic Australia, Broken Roads has clearly taken inspiration from the original two Fallout games in its approach to gameplay. 

But this isn’t just a straight-up copy. The game features an amazing approach to morality that is going to be super exciting to see play out and there is an undeniable appeal to a game that is so chock full of “Australiana” that there is a built-in glossary for our overseas friends who don’t quite understand Aussie slang at its finest. 

The game was originally scheduled to launch late last year but has been delayed for the final layers of polish. Fingers crossed because this is exactly the sort of game I can see myself losing a lot of time to. 

Hollow Knight: Silksong

At this point, Team Cherry is just holding onto Silksong to troll us all. Hollow Knight is widely considered one of the best Metroidvania titles of all time and the thought of its sequel has had fans excited for years…and years…and years.

Honestly, Silksong looks like more of the same in a lot of ways, but there are a lot of refinements and new mechanics coming as well. 

Surely 2024 is the year Silksong arrives on all of our systems and blows us away with pitch-perfect platforming, engaging exploration and a hand-drawn style that looks better than most animated movies.

I do not doubt that this will be the case… if this year is the year it releases of course

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