Helldivers 2 Delayed? Sony CES 2024 Presentation Says Yes​

Helldivers 2 Delayed? Sony CES 2024 Presentation Says Yes

As revealed subtly in PlayStation’s recent CES 2024 presentation, Helldivers 2, the long-awaited sequel from Arrowhead Studios has been delayed a few weeks from it’s February 8th date, to a new one February 28th, 2024.

So far no press-releases or further clarification has come from either PlayStation or the developer, however details like this, presented in incredible formal and important presentations are never there by mistake, which has already prompted corners of the community to ask why, and if the delay is necessary, why to that particular date?

The concern that players will have with the game launching on that date, is that it’s a day prior to the launch of another PS5 exclusive, and one that is much more anticipated by the masses – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with the unique launch date of February 29th, 2024, the leap day. 

While both games are drastically different, Final Fantasy VII being a modern JRPG, Helldivers 2 a third person co-op shooter, but the optics are certainly not good, with the question being asked by some already if PlayStation are trying to bury the game’s launch in the hype of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review and launch windows.

For now we await further news from PlayStation.

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