Player 2’s 21 Most Anticipated Games Of 2024: #1

Player 2's 21 Most Anticipated Games Of 2024: #1

You may have recently seen that we enlisted a range of our writers the task of determining their ten most anticipated games of 2024. That gave us a lot of data to comb through, and some clear front runners. We did some work with that data and compiled this, the top 21 most anticipated games of 2024 according to the P2 writing team. 

How it worked: Each writer had to come up with their games, ranked from 10 (least) to 1 (most) in terms of their anticipation for the title. For this, a selection at 1 was worth 10 points, while a selection at 10 was worth one point (and so on). This allowed us to rank the games based on their overall score compiled from each writer’s rankings.

So with that said, let’s get into the list; starting today with positions #6 to #2

#1 - 35 Points

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Nothing has me more excited for games in 2024 than the impending launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The intrigue surrounding where Square-Enix will take the story given the way 2020’s Remake deviated late in the piece is hitting fever pitch, while the gameplay and visuals can only improve further on what was already looking extraordinary in 2020’s release. The world is not ready for the noise that will be emanating from the gaming pocket of the internet when Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches. This is going to be massive.

Paul James

Rolling credits on Remake showed the world that Square were never going to give us a straight remake of the PlayStation classic’s discs two and three, such would be the scope of the game. Having previewed part of Rebirth thanks to Bandai Namco however, I am more than eager to experience the new directions the story and characters are being taken in through this reimagining of Final Fantasy VII which is once again a timed exclusive for Sony. It may not overtake the original in my heart, but it has been great to revisit this setting and characters decades later as the themes of the game ring truer than ever.

Stephen Del Prado

I guess nostalgia really does rule this list. Final Fantasy VII: Remake was a pretty easy GotY choice for me, personally, back in 2020, and it seems that, astonishingly, Square-Enix has kept the team together and kept the project on track as a result. Everything about this looks absolutely stunning.

Hopefully it will be. There are some moments that need to be recaptured here. Rebirth has to balance properly capturing these while also screwing around with the formula enough to justify this project’s continued existence. I’m a little nervous that things might get a little too Kingdom Hearts this time around, but I’m even more excited to get my hands on it and find out for myself.

Tim Henderson

The first part of the remake was a spectacle to behold, and it was very easy to see why the developers decided to break the game up into multiple parts. We know we will start to see differences in how the story progresses from the original, but how extensive will these changes be? Regardless of the changes, this is one I am looking forward to making the time to play this year.

Shaun Nicholls

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