Alone In The Dark | Hype Check

Alone In The Dark | Hype Check

With Plaion’s Alone In The Dark now only a few weeks away, we wanted to touch base with some of our team to see how they’re feeling about the game. We’ve seen a range of media up to this point, from gameplay showcases and trailers, we’ve seen the press releases, and heard the talk, but how are we feeling? That’s where we’re bringing Hype Check into the mix; to get a gauge on what the prospective players are thinking. So here’s how we’re feeling about Alone In The Dark.

Matt Hewson

Alone in the Dark has such a long history but despite casting David Harbour and Jodie Comer in key roles, two actors I thoroughly enjoy, this release has me worried. There has been something about what we have seen so far that is slightly off and I just can’t put my finger on it. It may be that it seems to be treading over long worn-out tropes or it could be simply the fact that this sort of horror game feels a little outdated now, especially after things like Alan Wake 2 and RE: Village have taken the genre to new and exciting places. I hope I am wrong because I have a lot of respect for this franchise, but I see this one getting middling scores at best. 

Alone In The Dark Hype Check 1

Jess Zammit

Shortly after joining Player 2, I accidentally became one of the site’s go-to horror critics. I’m often drawn to these sorts of games because alongside the terror there’s usually a solid story, some compelling characters, and a healthy dose of mystery – and boy do I love a good mystery. I didn’t play any of the original Alone in the Dark games when I was younger, mostly because I was a coward – but I’m finally brave(r) now, and I couldn’t be more excited for what looks to be a classic survival horror adventure. It should also be noted that I would follow Jodie Comer to the ends of the earth, so seeing her as a protagonist only added fuel to the fire. I’m all in on Alone in the Dark, and I’m ready for it to scare the hell out of me – even if the demos shown so far have lacked a bit of polish.

Stephen Del Prado

I’m not averse to horror games, but the bar has been set increasingly high in previous years thanks to some great work by Remedy Games, Capcom and a host of other developers who are pushing what a reboot, remaster or new entry in a venerated franchise can be. I’m not convinced Alone in the Dark is going to end up in the same ballpark, as these aforementioned titles, and with no nostalgia for the original titles, there isn’t much drawing me in up to this point – hopefully there’s enough there to make me feel foolish for these thoughts though, at least for series fans who are holding out for this one. 

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Paul James

Horror is by and large, not really my jam, although in recent years I’ve been pushed into the genre a little more of late thanks to the resurgence in popularity and prestige of Resident Evil, and so I could be tempted into Alone In The Dark. The problem is however that up until this point, the game has not presented itself overly well through lacklustre demos, and trailers that simply aren’t inspiring hope. This one could still be turned around, perhaps the vertical slices that are on show thus far have not been the best of selections, but with time running out until release, Plaion is going to need to pull out all of the stops to capture my interest with this one.

Alone In The Dark Hype Check 4

Jason Hawkins

Alone In The Dark Hype Check Jason

I love horror. Love it. My wife loves it, and loves to watch me play it. I’ve never played an Alone in the Dark game but I know how important is was years and years ago. It’s been ages since we had a release in this series but I’m here for it. There’s an irony in me saying that it’s good to revitalize old franchises but I’ve always wanted to dig into Alone in the Dark, so maybe now’s my time to shine. Maybe think about bringing Clock Tower back if this works well, yeah?

Alone In The Dark Hype Check 5

How are you feeling about the rapidly impending launch of Alone In The Dark? Let us know on our various social channels!

Time Until Launch (March 20, 2024)


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