Catan Australia announce 2024 Championships

Catan Australia announces 2024 Championships

With a 30th anniversary next year, Klaus Teuber’s Catan has proven to be an evergreen title that has ushered millions of players into the world of modern boardgaming since its release in 1995.

Catan Australia have announced the dates for the upcoming Catan State and National Championships in June this year, kicking off in just over a week in Western Australia. Players from each state will have the opportunity to secure a spot in the Nationals held in Canberra later this year,

Following the National event, the winner will be given a spot in the Catan World Championships for 2025, joining reigning Australian 2023 champ Elliot Yap. 

Catan Overhead

The State Championship tournaments will be split into two stages: Preliminary and Finals. The Preliminary round will consist of three games of CATAN (base version with no expansions), with the top four scoring players progressing to the Finals.

Spot prizes will be awarded to players throughout the day, with each State offering the following prize pools: 

First Place: $500 travel to the Nationals, a seat in the Top 16, CATAN Traveler Edition and Return to CATAN Summer Hexes

Second Place: CATAN Starfarers Duel and Return to CATAN Summer Hexes

Third Place: CATAN Explorers and Pirates Expansion and Return to CATAN Summer Hexes

Fourth Place: Rivals for CATAN Deluxe and Return to CATAN Summer Hexes

Catan Building

For further information, Player2 readers can visit and the Facebook Page for further details or last minute changes. Dates and tickets are available below apart from Brisbane which has already sold out. 

CATAN State Championship Western Australia

June 9th @ Mount Claremont Community Centre (Tactics) Tickets

CATAN State Championship – Queensland

June 15th @ Vault Games Brisbane City


CATAN State Championship South Australia

July 6th & 7th @ Table Top Warfare Prospect Tickets

CATAN State Championship New South Wales

July 20th @ Fortress Sydney Tickets

CATAN State Championship – Victoria

July 27th @ Fortress Melbourne


As a fairly below average Catan player myself, I’d be interested to see exactly what goes into World-class play of the game – unfortunately, with the QLD event now sold out, I may have to resort to watching some online videos to see if I would have what it takes to out-trade other players!

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