V Rising | Hype Check

V Rising | Hype Check

With Stun Lock’s V Rising now only a few days away, we wanted to touch base with some of our team to see how they’re feeling about the game. We’ve seen a range of media up to this point, from gameplay showcases and trailers, we’ve seen the press releases, and heard the talk, but how are we feeling? That’s where we’re bringing Hype Check into the mix; to get a gauge on what the prospective players are thinking. So here’s how we’re feeling about V Rising.

Paul James

V Rising Hype Check Paul

I wasn’t giving this game any mental bandwidth until it was recently revealed to be coming to console, now there’s a curiosity in this upcoming PC launch that would never have been there before. Will I be playing on PC? No, the lack of a Steam Deck and the fact that I’d have to sit in my Shed/Studio to play it as Winter dawns and the mercury plummets ensures that won’t be the case, but I’m really interested in seeing how this one plays out, so that I can play it on PS5 later in the year.

V Rising

Stephen del Prado

V Rising is the sort of game that has impressive sales numbers on PC and simultaneously has had zero impact in the online corners I haunt. Its genre and platform ensure I wouldn’t normally give it the time of night (thematic joke!) were it not for a promised PS5 port in the near future. Watching a few trailers though, it could scratch the Diablo adjacent itch I’ve had for a few years now, so colour me interested.

V Rising 2
V Rising Hype Check Stephen

How are you feeling about the rapidly impending launch of V Rising!? Let us know on our various social channels!

Time Until Launch (May 8, 2024)


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