Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree | Hype Check

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree | Hype Check

With FromSoftware’s Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree now only a few days away, we wanted to touch base with some of our team to see how they’re feeling about the game. We’ve seen a range of media up to this point, from gameplay showcases and trailers, we’ve seen the press releases, and heard the talk, but how are we feeling? That’s where we’re bringing Hype Check into the mix; to get a gauge on what the prospective players are thinking. So here’s how we’re feeling about Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree.

Stephen del Prado

Elden Ring Hype Check Stephen

Of all the FromSoft titles, Elden Ring seems like the title least in need of an expansion, so generous were the developers with the base game alone. The trailer delivers on what many fans expected: more swamps! Oh, alongside a host of new areas, bosses, enemies and much more. I’m very rusty from not visiting the Lands Between for at least 18 months, where previous experience tells me I want to be very fresh and leveled for a FromSoft expansion. I’m quite trepidatious about diving back into the particular mix of Fantasy Horror on offer, but if the chance presents itself I might be able to settle myself in for a few evenings of punishment. 

Rob Caporetto

Expansion packs tend to best serve those players who’ve not only mastered the original game, but are craving more from it. Sadly, I’ve not really spent time with Elden Ring, seeing as per the common parlance, I’ve not really managed to git gud with Elden Ring (or more specifically the earlier Souls games).

I think if I managed to find my footing within Elden Ring, I’d probably be up for more punishing adventures, but until I’ve gotten my head around it, it’s probably one I’d be giving a bit of distance too sadly.

Elden Ring Hype Check Rob

Shaun Nicholls

Elden Ring Hype Check Shaun

Elden Ring was the first FromSoft title that I really got into. With an open world that allowed players to explore a different area if they found themselves in hot water, it opened up the souls-like genre to players like myself who would otherwise pass on the game. After many hours, and a good dose of cheese, I became the Elden Lord. While I am generally not a fan of DLC content, this is one I will be taking a good look at, mostly while trying to find an exploit to beat whatever foes I face.


Paul James

Haha nooooooo. I was tricked into thinking that Elden Ring was a bit more accessible than previous Soulsborne’s FromSoft have developed, but in reality, this game hates me just as much, if not more than other games in the sub genre. To get more Elden Ring DLC is a good thing though, because it means many other games have opted to stay away. More time for backlog busting!


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Time Until Launch (June 21, 2024)


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