Act of Aggression – An RTS Revival

Act of Aggression – An RTS Revival

Eugen Systems, creators of the Wargame series is aiming to bring back the RTS glory days of base building, resource management and tank rushes with Act of Aggression. The game really does look to be a flashback to the Command and Conquer games of the past. (Not C&C 4….. that was a disaster) There is 3 playable factions and a near future setting which seems to have taken a leaf out of the C&C Generals playbook which is sure to please fans of the genre.

Act of Aggression seems to be offering up all the staples of the genre. Multiplayer, large scale military bases, tactical base building and supply line protection. Eugen are really trying for all of the check boxes when it comes to the Classic C&C formula.

The game is currently in Alpha but there is a planned beta test for the next few months, the full release is due later in the year. Check out the Pre Alpha footage below to get a taste of what is to come.

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