Getting Twitchy – Helldiving Heroes of the Screamride

Getting Twitchy – Helldiving Heroes of the Screamride

It is time to choose again.

This Wed at 9pm AEDST we will once again be hitting the virtual airwaves on our twitch stream and you have a choice to make.

Below are your choices. Choose one and leave your choice in the comments (or on the Facebook page)

Would you like to see Helldivers the new twin stick shooter from the creators of Magika.


Or Screamride, the Rollercoaster sim/racer/puzzler from the creators of Zoo Tycoon.


Or finally Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s high quality entry into the MOBA scene.


Let us know and then join in on Wednesday for all the fun. If we can get enough people online we may even have some games to give away.

See you there.

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