LEGO Planning Lounge Room Domination

LEGO Planning Lounge Room Domination

As a parent I both love and hate toys-to-life games. I hate them because when my kids are playing Skylanders or Disney Infinity walking near the TV becomes a minefield of sharp edged obsitcles of foot destruction. I love them because when the little ones are in bed I can play with these marvellous bundles of joy and simply enjoy a great concept. These games bring an extra level of interactivity to gaming and while many may dismiss them as a brilliant marketing stunt I for one applaud what they bring.

So when Lego announced that they would be entering the Toys-to-Life genre with Lego Dimensions both my inner child and my actual children lost their respective minds. Coming to every system known to man on the 28th of September this year, Dimensions will allow me to play with my Lego kits in both real life and video game worlds. They have promised Lego characters from multiple franchises such as Batman, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings and of course the Lego Movie. What’s even better is all of these figures will be able interact with each other in multiple different game worlds.

If you are unsure of wether this concept will work just check out the video below, it convinced me. Now I just need to make sure I never walk through the kids room without a sturdy pair of work boots on. Stepping on Skylanders and Lego pieces would be too much for my poor tourtured feet to handle.

LD_GameplayScreen_06 LD_GameplayScreen_07 LD_GameplayScreen_05
LD_GameplayScreen_03 LD_GameplayScreen_02 LD_GameplayScreen_01



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