Square Heroes – First Look

Square Heroes – First Look

It is a safe bet that when you say “couch co-op” to a gamer they don’t think of a PC game. But with the release of Square Heroes by Australian developer Gnomic studios that may just change because couch co-op is what this great little title does best.

This enjoyable indie game is something of a cross between a twin stick shooter and an arena combat experience. Players take control of their own fully customisable square and then compete with rivals in a range of maps that look like they have been take from a Worms game. As the game progresses player use coins from killing basic AI enemies to get access to better weapons and upgrades. Matches are variations on traditional shooter matches such as Deathmatch and Domination and they are universally fun to play.


Game modes include Single Player, LAN and Online but where this game really shines is four player multiplayer on one screen. With controller support getting four people on one PC is no problem and it creates a great gaming session due to the pick up and play nature of the game. Perfect for gaming nights with friends who may or may not be gamers. Online is fun but the game does lose some of its magic if players aren’t competing against friends.

The game is out now and if you are looking for a game to play with a group of pals and you have a bunch of spare controllers lying around then Square Heroes is for you.  There are a few little rough edges here and there but you and your friends will be having so much fun you won’t care.


Check out the gameplay video below to get a better idea of what makes Square Heroes tick.

Matt Hewson

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