Lo Wang is back

Lo Wang is back

That is right, the master of katanas, automatic weaponry and double entendre is back to do what he does best, slice and dice his way through a demon horde. Shadow Warrior 2 is coming in 2016 and it is more than just the same old Wang. The game promises 4 player co-op, a mess of new ways to kill people and levels that are much more open than the original game.

The graphics engine has had a huge upgrade to allow for better damage models and improved lighting which means Wang will look better than ever. There is also a deeper loot and upgrade system in place meaning that the game is heading more down the Action RPG route as opposed to the straight up shooter the franchise started as. Shadow Warrior (the reboot) was a huge surprise with its great level design and awesome swordplay so Shadow Warrior 2 has some big boots to fill. Shadow Warrior 2: Wang Harder (ok that subtitle isn’t real, but it should be) is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2016

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