Player2 partners with Green Man Gaming

Player2 partners with Green Man Gaming

Here are we love what we are doing. Bringing our own spin on the Australian gaming scene to our loyal readers gives us a buzz. This does however cost us a few dollars here and there so we have decided to raise some funds.

To do this we have partnered with the excellent PC games store Green Man Gaming. What this does is gives our readers the chance to buy some great games for super cheap and help us cover running costs at the same time. What is even better is that we can give you a 20% discount to use on your purchase!

How it works is simply click on any of the Green Man Gaming links on the site and buy away. It is important that you use these links to ensure we tick the boxes so we have placed one in the sidebar on every page of the site.

What is even better is the prices on Green Man Gaming are some of the best out there. Most of the time they also match Steam Sale Prices so if you are after a particular title don’t forget to check there first.

Once again this is just a way to help cover costs on the site and at the same time give our readers something small in return. We hope this small change to the site doesn’t ruin your time at

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Get cheap games and Help Player2 at the same time


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