In Case You Missed It – Overlord

Sometimes a game just slips under the radar. Whatever the reason for this occurring, be it bad marketing, classification problems or a strange concept, some games just fail to find their audience. Here at we want to highlight these rough gems and that is where “In Case You Missed It” comes in. Some games just deserve a second chance.

In Case You Missed It – Overlord

In a world where gamers have played just about every type of hero possible surely someone somewhere wants to play the bad guy. Well that’s what developers Triumph Studios were thinking when they released Overlord in June 2007. Overlord had the players controlling just that, an Evil Overlord brought to life by his faithful minions after the last Overlord was killed by a pesky hero.  The player then promptly sets off to take back the land and place the local peasantry under his/her iron fist.


This all sounds very serious but the reality is it is anything but. The humour comes thick and fast, mainly through the Overlord’s cackling minions. These minions are the heavy lifting of the Overlord’s empire and there are various types for various situations. Some are healers, some are grunts that do all the fighting (as the Overlord himself is more than a little rubbish in battle), some throw fire and others that harness noxious gasses. These minions are controlled in real time with an ingenious system that utilises the right thumbstick to direct these comical critters.


The game featured a wonderful story that took pot shots at just about every fantasy cliché ever. The stupid peasants, the arrogant hero, the traditional medieval setting and dark and menacing castle are all present in the lampooning that the game is happy to wallow in. There is some great voice acting and top notch artwork that helps to sell this comedy to the player. The game was well received enough to gain an entertaining sequel before it fade from gamers memories. Fans however had some glimmer of hope that the series will return with Codemasters teasing a new entry in the series.


In all Overlord was a unique, entertaining and humorous game that didn’t get the attention it deserved. Picking up Overlord will not only give you a solid 3rd person action/strategy hybrid to playthough, but a game guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of even the most jaded gamer. The game can be had on both Steam and GOG for quite the attractive price so there is no reason to pass this one by.


Matt Hewson

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