SMITE Hits The Living Room

SMITE Hits The Living Room

Today MOBA’s hit consoles in a big way with the release of the SMITE open beta on the Xbox One. The game’s unique take on the genre is perfectly suited to the console so it is easy to see this one becoming a success. The best news for Australian gamers is that SMITE has launched with local servers! That is right, you can no longer blame lag for a terrible game.

SMITE has already attracted over 7 million players on PC so hopefully the gameplay translates to a console and the developers can add to that impressive number. The game is free to play but players who spend about $40 can get access to the Founders Pack* which will give them every character in the game as well as all future characters. Compared to other MOBA titles, this is extraordinary value. The Founders Pack will on be on offer while the game is in beta so make sure you take advantage of it if the game tickles your fancy.

SMITE is available now from the Xbox Store.

*Stay tuned to as we will be giving away 3 SMITE founders packs in the next few days. 

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