Street Fighter Hits Beta

Street Fighter Hits Beta

Good news fighting fans, The eagerly anticipated Street Fighter 5 has opened up beta registration. The Beta will hit the PS4 on the 24th of July and will have 6  characters selectable and 3 stages. The characters available will be Chun-Li, Ryu, Charlie, Ken and after a day or two Birdie and Cammy will become available. The newest stage is called The Forgotten Waterfall and is based on a location in New Zealand, the other two are based on actual locations in London and Bangkok

To sign up for the beta you need to go here and enter your details. Sign ups close on the 15th of July so don’t muck around.If you are successful in gaining entry you will be emailed with redemption instructions on the 24th. Unfortunately at this stage PS3 fighting sticks will not be working with the beta but they may be added in prior to release. So what are you waiting for Street Fighter fans get to the site and get your details in, otherwise it will feel like a dragon punch to the chin if you miss out.


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